Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The Glazed, Dirty Steps - Repeat My Own And Reflect My Thoughts

This outfit was inspired by a photograph that I had seen in i-D magazine. I've never worn this entire outfit together before but I just liked the way that it worked. 

Hat, Urban Outfitters
Top, Republic
Belt, thrifted
Skirt, thrifted
Pearls, from Sicily
I'm wearing no shoes because I couldn't be bothered to put any on I've been listening a lot to Sandie Shaw lately.

Tomorrow I am going back to school. I am starting sixth form which is scary and exciting. The best memory I have from this summer is when Patti Smith wished me happy birthday and I'm still recovering from that.

Rookie's theme last month was Thrills and Chills. The whole month centred around sneaking out at night, parties, getting into trouble etc. It made me long for late night party Polaroids, spontaneous adventures that accompany sneaking out, lazy summer afternoons amongst friends. 

I've been listening to Rookie's end-of-summer playlist from last year on repeat. It perfectly sums up that summer sunset feeling, as the days start to get shorter and back to school preparation begins. 

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