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Marianne Faithfull is a beautiful human being. In the sixties especially her looks were girly and cute but, throughout her career, she has always promoted rebellion (e.g. the title of this post.) This is something I relate to. I also feel that it is an important message as far as feminism is concerned. Dressing up in feminine dresses and spending (and enjoying the time you spend) time on your hair and makeup doesn't make you any less of a strong person or any less ready to 'smash the patriarchy', as it were. Typing it now, it seems archaic that some people still think that it does.

Marianne is a true sixties icon. Not only as a musician, but also as an actress. I have only seen one film that she features in: Made in USA. However, perhaps the most interesting Marianne Faithfull film trivia is this: in 1967's 'I'll Never Forget What's 'is Name' Marianne became the first person ever to say 'fuck' in a mainstream studio picture.

Marianne's physical beauty is the kind that makes you ache inside then shrivel up in sadness because only the lucky few acquire such flawless traits. Her makeup is quite typical of the era; cat-eye liquid eyeliner accompanied by an impeccable complexion. Marianne's freckles further her aesthetic charm and make her a bit more individual against her peers/rivalling icons of the time.

In the sixties, Marianne was in a very high profile relationship with Mick Jagger. The couple became the epitome of Swinging Sixties London but the reality was much more bleak. It was during her relationship with Jagger that Marianne got into drugs. In 1970, their relationship ended and Marianne lost her son (from a previous marriage.) Her drug addiction spiralled out of control. She later said about that time of her life that, "To be a male drug addict and to act like that is always enhancing and glamorising. A woman in that situation becomes a slut and a bad mother."

By the late seventies, Marianne back to making music. In 1979, 'Broken English' was released which fitted in well with flourishing punk movement and therefore a brilliant way to burst back onto the British music scene. Since then she has released lots of wonderful music.

Marianne's style has gone through lots of phases over the years. This one, however, remains my favourite and is the most instantly recognisable when referring to early on in Marianne's career.

Marianne Faithfull {Sixties Queen}

Oasis floral dress

Ballet flat
£8.97 -

Isabel Marant gold jewelry
£350 -

Red heart glasses
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  1. the shoes in the first picture are fabulous. I've always loved shoes with a tiny heel, like my Ferragamo Vara's.

    1. Yes they're great! I really need to get a pair xoxo

  2. Cute blog, I found you on Rose and Vintage...I'm now following x

  3. Hey thanks, this was really interesting - up until now I only really knew her name and that she dated Mick Jagger.

  4. gah she is sooo pretty- i've actually never heard of her so i'm glad you shared her with us! i'm always looking for some 60s/70s movies to watch, and she's going to be next on my list ;)

    xo marlen
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