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Think pink. Pretty in pink. Tickled pink. Hot pink. Bubblegum pink. Pink roses. Pink champagne. Pink cadillacs. Pink lemonade. Pink Ladies. Pink! Pink! Pink! After what seems like a lifetime of being shelved as a 'pretty', 'girly' yet somewhat fatuous colour, pink is finally being fully recognised by the fashion world. There have been recent short lived phases of pastel or jewel tones that have incorporated the blushing colour but now it is bigger than that. The range of pink tones on the Autumn/Winter 2013-14 catwalks is entirely all inclusive.

Colour Block

Jonathan Saunders, Simone Rocha
(image source:

Wear bright bursts of colour to brighten up hazy, winter mornings. Pink is an optimistic colour. Nobody ever associates pink with sadness and negativity. Pair with bright reds and oranges for the most contemporary style or wear one shade of bright pink for a solid block of this season's colour.

Dusty Rose

Lanvin, Topshop Unique(image source:

A duller pink takes a step back from a screaming bubblegum hue and even farther back from a raging hot pink. It is a sophisticated look then can easily be carried off in the daytime (casual or formal) as well as in the evening (a la Edie Sedgwick.)

Society Girl 

Jonathan Saunders, Topshop Unique(image source:

Pink seems to be synonymous with high society young women. I guess that if you have heaps of money to fling about everywhere you will want to dress in luxurious dresses and expensive jewellery so the stereotype of girly-girl-everything-must-be-pink ensues. Although pink is quite a fun colour, it can look incredibly classy. Think Gossip Girl meets posh ladies golf club conventions. 

Romance is Pink 

Simone Rocha, Roksanda Ilincic (image source:

Pink is the perfect colour for romance. Falling between white and red, it is the perfect balance between angelic purity and passionate lust. Some of this season's pink looks were styled with a dainty hat or veil that conjure up images of wedding days. 

Legally Blonde

When looking for all pink outfit inspiration look no further than Legally Blonde's Elle Woods. She is the ultimate pink icon. One of my favourite scenes in the Legally Blonde films is when Elle walks up the steps with all the black suit clad lawyers and she stands out in her pink suit. Elle is a classic example of a kick-ass female protagonist who doesn't tone down her femininity (which, ultimately is her defining feature) in order to get what she wants. Plus, she can accessorise beautifully. 

In Vogue: Pink Lady

Cara Delevingne starred in British Vogue's November 'Pink Lady' shoot. The whole editorial is the epitome of classiness. However, Cara brings some of her fun personality to the shoot so it isn't too conservative and conventional. Here are my favourite images:

Walter Pfelffer
Francesca Burns

Pink Ladies

Pink is a colour that has been worn by myriad high profile women over the decades. A pink dress creates the perfect red carpet look but can spill over into daytime outfits as well. You can pick up some styling tips from some of fashion's favourite celebs; past and present.

(Left to right): Taylor Swift, Jessica Alba, Lily Aldridge
(Left to right): Alexa Chung, Edie Sedgwick, Florence Welch
Sources:,, David Fisher/REX Features
(Left to right): Kate Moss, Keira Knightley, Lana Del ReySources:,, Getty Images
(Left to right): Sandie Shaw, Tavi Gevinson, Twiggy
Sources: Getty Images, Tavi Gevinson's Blog,

You'll Look Pretty In Pink

At the top of my wishlist are pink sequined dresses for the approaching festive season, a warm coat- preferably '60s style-, a loose hanging shift dress, a fluffy pale pink jumper and bright pink trousers. The kimono-esque playsuit is darling.

Pretty In Pink

Topshop pink tee
£56 -

Topshop sweater
£37 -

Josh Goot red skirt

Topshop romper
£60 -

Topshop skirt
£52 -

Topshop pink camisole
£42 -

Topshop skirt
£25 -

Alexander McQueen pink purse
£885 -

Pink eyeshadow
£14 -

Superdry makeup brush

Forever 21 pink shimmer nail polish
£1.74 -

OKA flower arrangement

Shabby Chic fake flower

Ted Baker WILOH - Roses print dress
£125 -

I, Me, Mine

I would have taken some personal style photos but it turns out that I don't actually own pink clothes that would make up an acceptable enough outfit. I think the only pink item of clothing/accessory might actually be my flower crown. Anyway, that matters little because my bedroom is super duper pink. My 12 year old self was a little obsessive (haha who am I kidding my 16 year old self is a lot obsessive- see Morrissey posters- but obsessive is sometimes a good thing amiright?) I took this set of photos (I say, I, but my little brother took the ones of me) a couple of months ago. My brother wanted to take some photos with my camera but I couldn't really be bothered to set anything up so we just took some in my room. I guess you could say it's me in my ~natural habitat if you wanted to pin it to some kind of artistic intention. 

Think Pink!

Now for some classic tumblr ~inspo, without which a post like this would be incomplete...

DIY Inspo
Dream world
Both unknown
Meadham Kirchhoff Spring 2012 
The fabric of these curtains are beautiful
Right: Twiggy, Left: from Flower's tumblr

I hope that you have all had a good couple of week's. My time has been spent at school (yawn), having film marathons (what else is cold weather for?), sneaking out at midnight (okay, that only happened once but it was significant), writing in my journals, writing poetry, going to the gym and reading the batch of zines I purchased from etsy (I will post about them soon.) 

Sophie xoxo


  1. Sophie, what a wonderful edit, you put a lot of time and thought into this! A cheerful post for a Friday~ hey I think one of your images marked as unknown, next to the pink shoes is a still from the movie Paris Texas, maybe. And the shoes, hmm I was thinking those were miu miu but after seeing millions of images i could def be wrong
    Thanks for stopping by my blog

  2. This is perfect for me- I'm addicted to pink things, but nobody ever gets me on that. I keep telling them it can be fashionable, too, but they obviously don't listen. Also, meeting Tavi would be so amazing! She was the person who inspired me into first starting a blog at all.

    1. Oh no! I think that pink is a fabulous colour and this season Vogue agrees :P Yes, wouldn't it just?! She was one of the first blogs I came across after I started blogging and I love nearly everything she has done since. I think that she's just wonderful xoxo

  3. WOW, your room is intense! I really like how the room is so bright and pink and your outfit completely contrasts with it. Very nice.
    And you have one of my favourite photographs of Jarvis on your wall ahhh!!! <3
    P.S Do you listen to his Sunday Service?

    1. Thank you :) I love Jarvis! I went to a Palma Violets concert on Thursday and he was DJing there!! <3 I don't! I think I'd heard it mentioned but I just googled it and oh wow it looks amazing asjhgefhrfde!!! I will listen to it from now on :) xoxo


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