Saturday, 7 December 2013

meadham kirchhoff: strange magic in motion

Viewing Meadham Kirchhoff collections on, the Vogue website, YouTube or the myriad other multimedia mediums, it is easy to be struck by the cutesy kitschiness and narrative aesthetics that the designing duo convey. There is no denying the element of magic synonymous with Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff's productions- for, to label them mere 'fashion shows' would be a great misjustice. 

Meadham Kirchhoff is a production, a performance. Sitting in a room where such an event such as this is going on, there is such a creative buzz and soaking up the sweet atmosphere is otherworldly. The V&A was a perfect setting because the walls are covered with huge, intricate tapestries that especially increased the effective of the Marie Antoinette-esque aspect of the collection.

The set and the music definitely orchestrate the experience's individuality. Between each snapshot of past collections, American voices replace the music. They talk of beauty pageants and other such visual wonders that Meadham Kirchhoff take inspiration from. 'Dancing Queen' by Abba plays at one point. 'Miss World' by Hole (one of my favourite songs of all time) plays as we exit at the end. The music is quite overpowering but very atmospheric. The screens in front of the pianist accompanying the music from the speakers are covered with famous Meadham Kirchhoff motifs such as the witch on a broomstick inside a heart adapted from a Hole promo poster for their album 'Live Through This' and a cute goat with the slogan 'Riot Not Diet' written proudly above it in a flower dominated font. Later on, tension rose in the music and the screens moved apart. They were finally turned round to look like a Marie Antoinette-esque bedroom window whilst Marie Antoinette-esque clothed models strutted past.

The perfectly embellished tailored outfits of origins from gothicism to Marie Antoinette adorn the models are the walk purposefully yet elegantly down the runway. The look that seems to 'steal the show' is the long black veil that resembles traditional mourning attire. It adds to the narrative vibe of the event. The whole production was very fairytale-esque. There were witches and princesses and the distinction was made clear not only sartorially but musically as well. Think fast, sinister sounds for the black veiled characters and soft, pretty sounds for the embellished dresses and glittery platforms. 

Models walking through the gift shop once the production had ended.

However, it was not only the clothes we all came to see that were inspiring. There were artistic looking, fashion forward people everywhere I looked. Here are some of my favourites:

These two girls are friends and they were standing with two equally well dressed guys who, unfortunately I didn't get to photograph. I love seeing really creatively dressed people all hanging out together.
I love the white sandals with the pink fluffy pom poms on the front in the photo on the left. I adore the multi coloured giant fur scarf in the photo on the right. The woman on the far right with the fringe, long coat and trainers looks like a really cool person I think. Is that a weird thing to say?
The girl photographed on the left was so, so lovely. She had just taken off a beautiful pink jumper that was either actually by Meadham Kirchhoff or just very Meadham Kirchhoff-esque. She had put the whole outfit together impeccably.
The girl on the left was wearing almost entirely the same shade of pink but it was the shoes that I thought really stood out. I snapped the girl on the right on the way from Meadham Kirchhoff to the Club to Catwalk exhibition.

Overall, the experience was so wonderful and magical that it can be labelled  a 'moment of strange magic' up there with Lux Lisbon's happiest moment of her short life at the prom.


  1. i follow you on twitter and you linked to this post and i discovered your blog! i've spent the last 15 scrolling through your old posts and i loveeeee itt. i want to bake vegan cupcakes and drink tea and listen to sixties records with you!

    <3 <3 liza

    1. Aww that's so sweet and kind of you! Thank you :') I'd love to do that with you too! xoxo

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    1. isn't the girl in the last pic Eleanor Hardwick??!!! it looks so amazing! i wish I hadn't been stuck at uni!


    2. Woah it totally could be!! :O It was really fantastic. I left school early to get there :') xoxo

  3. Woah, this sounds amazing!!! I wish I could have gone! Lovely.


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