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ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space

This is the ~spaciest outfit I could come up with. A girl at school today described my dress as 'so jazzy!' The purple necklace is actually made up of lots of little star beads. I bought it years ago after seeing it in a 'Girl Talk' trend report. 

Space. It's a very ambiguous word. It means different things to astrologists than it does to poets, for example. This post will probably sway in the more poetic direction as I am no physicist. Although, on that note Nia from Quirks of Blazoning Pens did this wonderful post about Neil deGrasse Tyson which is really interesting and worth a read. Onwards...

***BRIEF DISCLAIMER- I am no astrologist. I dropped Physics last year. I am not entirely clueless, but a lot of this post will refer to space as a magic space of glittery solitude and some parts may be downright incorrect. However, physicists, if you're on a fashion blog (you go; those are such cool, contrasting interests to have. Also, well done for being good at Physics!!!) please don't get mad at me. Sometimes I like to think that space is magic and that magic exists***

ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space

Space has been on my mind in some way or another ever since Rookie's December Editor's Letter where Tavi says that perhaps the reason that novelties such as gravity print clothing and the infinity symbol are so popular amongst teenagers is because they symbolise the concept of forever, and it can often feel like our teenage years will last forever and nothing will ever change. For example, a lot of culture strives for a 'forever young' mentality. 

Source: weheartit

Infinity jewellry, galaxy print legging wearing tumblr hipsters receive a lot of unfair criticism. I think that the whole 'subculture', as it were, is quite an interesting representation of what it means to be young. 

'Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space' by Spiritualized is one of my favourite songs. It is sad but also incredibly relaxing. The song's title is announced at the start of the track and if you respond accordingly I think it's possible to let go of your worries for the 3 minutes and 49 seconds that the song lasts for and imagine that, yes, you are floating in space. 

space is the place

space is the place by stylejunkiee featuring star sunglasses

Whenever I am obsessing over something I try to incorporate it into my wardrobe in some way. That way, no matter where I go or what I do that day, I will be carrying a piece of it around with me. In the above Polyvore collage are pieces that I would wear. Most of them are out of my price range but I am admiring their beauty nonetheless.

1. Star Sunglasses- I love these sunglasses because I've never seen anything like them. I was planning on finding some sunglasses in an actual star shape but these ones are more subtle therefore probably more wearable. They are statement but not too crazy (not that crazy is a bad thing.)

2. Gold Shorts- I adore the structure of these shorts. They look futuristic and the geometric shape could represent the precision of astronomy. 

3. Moon & Star Earrings- What I really like about these are that they don't match. It reminds me of the Rookie BFF Earrings DIY. If two things go together so well, why do they have to match?

4. Star Dress- The shape of this dress is beautiful. Perhaps not in a conventionally beautiful way but my favourite dresses are loose fitting. This springs from the fact that I adore the drop waist styles of the 1920s as well as the 1960s shift dresses. Plus, I have really wide hips so bodycons, for the most part, are not flattering on me.

5. Glitter Boots- How could you not love heeled boots covered in glitter? So glam rock. So perfect.

6. Starry Tights- Tights are the best thing ever. Why go for plain black or skin tone when there are so many other varieties to choose from? I have recently acquired a pair of leopard print black opaque tights, floral fishnets and a pair of heart print black opaques. 

My recent fascination with space reminded me of Proenza Schouler's Fall 2013 Ad Campaign starring Sasha Pivovarova and featuring hazy images, shadows, a cockatoo and star filled galaxies. It is a real masterpiece. 


I dream of the days where I have money to spare on beautiful limited edition Chanel nail polish. Released in December, only 'Magic' is still in stock. Unfortunately, 'Cosmic' is sold out. 'Cosmic' is my favourite. What's not to love about shiny black nail polish filled with flecks of silver glitter? It would be like having a night sky painted on every nail. Fortunately, Barry M do brilliant glitter nail polish.


Christopher Kane's 2011 Resort collection is the filled to the brim with galaxy prints in all the colours of the sky. Although the patterns remain pretty much consistent throughout, there is no limit to the shapes. High necks/polo necks are very much on trend at the moment. Polo necks are more often than not represented as a very prim and proper detail. However, on a mini dress or paired with a short skirt, this reputation is dispelled. I imagine the look on the left to be worn by a badass super hero who shoots through space and stops meteors from falling to Earth and destroying life as we know it or something like that. 

The right outfit is somewhat of a polar opposite. The slightly more traditional galactic print has a nautical feel to it. The jumpsuit is very modest but the belt adds shape whilst the unbuttoned top adds sensuality. If you are going to wear the buttons done up then it is best to leave your hair down to give off more of a fun vibe, especially for a night out. Wear it on holiday when going for a meal by the sea before walking along the sand holding hands with the one you love. Aww...If only life was a film and the costumes were designed by Christopher Kane...


I have already discussed the shape of the dress on the left so we'll move on to the addition of the biker jacket. I cannot tell if it's a jacket or a gilet but, either way, I love how this outfit has been put together. The fluffy shoes throughout the collection remind me of posh, girly slippers. The dress on the right looks like it could be a nightie as  it's very babydoll-esque. It makes me think of the scene from Grease where Rizzo shimmies down the drainpipe to meet the T-Birds. If Frenchie had gone instead of Rizzo then she would have been in a Babydoll nightie and one of the boys could've lent her his leather jacket. I think there's something quintessentially '50s about leather jackets thrown over dresses and it conjures up images of couples coming home from prom or sat in a drive-in movie. 


The dress on the left is so cute. I love the the smaller details like the collar and the zip. The dress on the right is my favourite of the whole collection. It is definitely the one that I would most likely wear. I love the drop-waist, the midnight blue colour and the casual t-shirt sleeves. 


The dress on the left brings to the surface images of shooting stars, with the netting coming from the bottom being the 'tail' of the star. I should imagine that wearing it makes you feel so magical. The dress on the right continues the micro mini length we have previously seen in the collection. The silky looking fabric adds a shine that we associate with stars. The clashing colour of the shoes are attention grabbing but not so much so that they completely distract from the dress.

Overall, Christopher Kane's Resort 2011 collection is a beautiful mass of all things cosmic and otherworldly. It is the collection to sum up our dreams of floating into space.


Diesel Black Gold's Fall 2013 collection has a toned down space age feel with a high wearability factor. I don't often pay so much attention to menswear collections but I really love the shades of blue and the geometric prints in this one. Coats are on-trend in every shape, size and colour this season. The more intricately different the better. I love the waxy-look texture of this coat. The buttons have a military style to them but the colour lends itself to a more galactic theme.

On the right, the shirt's geometric print reminds me of planets. I love the necktie. With the suit, it still looks smart but adds a slightly casual tone compared to the effect that a tie would have on the outfit.

The dark blue on the left is like a beautiful evening sky. In England, the sky is usually too cloudy to reach this colour before it turns so dark that it appears black. However, I have been abroad before, perhaps eating dinner outside, and looked up to see such a beautiful dark blue sky lit up by stars.

The suit on the right much more laidback and baggy. This does not, however, make the details lazier. Navy blue embellishments climb the sleeves like a coloured streak of light twirling through a galaxy.


I will group my commentary on these outfits together because I have similar things to say about both. I am in love with the shiny fabric of these suits. It's such an subtle yet interesting variation of the classic suit. The coat on the left is gorgeous but the raincoat on the right is the perfect addition to the overall look because it makes it seem more effortless. Also, the model on the right is super cute kiss me.


The same fabric description as above goes for these two. However, notice the reflective, satin blue that is both on the shoulders and, more subtly, on the inside of the pockets. Perhaps it's the posture, but I can't help feeling that the outfit on the left is the sort of thing my dad would've worn 20 years ago. Also, I think the matchy-matchy colour and fabric of the outfit on the right is a bit much. However, both are slightly cosmic so inspiring in some ways.


The jacket on the right reminds me of some kind of space suit. Perhaps it is the slightly baggy material and scrunched up fabric. Perhaps it is the model's body shape and stance that broaden the shoulders. I like how the shoes stand out under the light.

The outfit on the right is fairly irrelevant but VELVET!!! Also, it is rather shiny. Take note of the shiny panel going down the side of the leg. It is barely visible on the left leg but the shoes complement it as well. If we lived in a world where we could fly up into space and treat it as if the atmosphere/pressure/oxygen levels were the exact same as on Earth, then this is the sort of outfit that we would wear. The panels on the trousers give them a high quality, stylish tracksuit bottom feel that it perfect for navigating your way in out of the moon's craters and the chunky infinity (also, infinity=space) scarf would keep your warm against the sub-zero temperatures. (yes I am aware that it would take more than a scarf to protect you from the weather in space but read disclaimer.)

Overall, Diesel Black Gold's Fall 2013 collection is sleak and masculine. It is mostly stylish enough to wear on a relatively day to day basis but the experimental fabrics transport it up to high fashion. 


The Rodarte Spring 2012 catwalk show was a wonderful event for a number of reasons:

1. Tavi Gevinson, Dakota and Elle Fanning, Rooney Mara and Taylor Swift were all on the FROW.

2. The collection was inspired by Disney's Sleeping Beauty.

3. Pretty Van Gogh inspired flower prints on dresses.

4. Space age structured outfits with metallic heels.

The gold shoulders on both of the above outfits seem reminiscent of super heroes. The architectural structure emphasises how fashion is really an art whilst the reflective metallic shoes add to the cosmic vibe throughout. 


The outfit on the left could probably be easily replicated with a shoulder padded jumpsuit and metallic sandals that could be found on the high street/online. I adore the triangular cut-out above the waistband. It adds even more detail to the beautiful structure overall.

There is something about the 3 dimensional collar that has an essence of space about it; very befitting of a space queen, I think. Here we see the full beauty of having Van Gogh influence a collection. The dark eye makeup throughout the collection is quite gothic and space is quite often associated with death. 

Overall, Rodarte's Spring 2012 collection was weighed more to the pretty, arty side than it was to the space-age cosmic idea. However, the sharp structure of certain pieces and the metallic footwear that is somewhat out of place at other points in the collections, makes it worth commenting on in this context.


Dolce & Gabbana's Autumn/Winter 2011 collection wins the award for having us the most starry eyed. Nearly every piece is splattered with a stunning array of stars that precipitated a huge trend for the 2011 festive season. 

The outfit on the left is my favourite of the whole collection. It is so perfect. The sunglasses make it icy cool and socks and brogues are always a good idea. The androgyny of the oversized blazer is balanced out by the fur on the shoulders and the star embellishments. The doctor's bag is both practical, stylish and would go with everything. Finally, the hair and makeup make the whole thing look so effortless.

The outfit on the right is also very beautiful. I love the swishy-ness of the chiffon material. It would be a wonderful way to make an entrance. I can imagine it working well for both winter dinner parties and summer garden events. The stars could be seen as festive and the monochrome colours make it more suitable for the frosty season before spring. However, maxi dresses are always a good idea for summer.


The yellow and pink together against a black base created by the dress and the shoes is so stunning. The stars on the outfit on the right may not be so obvious but if you look closely you can see a breathtakingly beautiful necklace. To call it a necklace somewhat underplays its beauty. In fact, it is more like a neck ornament.


Here we have the double brilliance and total utter magic that comes when you mix sequins and stars together. SEQUINS. AND STARS. TOGETHER!! It is not just the material and pattern that makes these dresses stand out to me (although they are significant contributing factors.) As for the outfit on the left, I love long sleeved dresses; especially sequined ones. I have been looking for a long sleeved gold sequined dress ever since I dreamt about one over two years ago (true story.) I also love the bellow the knee length. Most of the skirts and dresses that I own are that length. I'm tall so they are quite flattering but also I love how longer lengths bring more opportunity to floaty fabrics. Furthermore, the stars are consistent enough to appear on the shoes too; beautiful coral coloured shoes at that. Point court shoes + ankle socks = A****.

I adore t-shirt dresses. They have the formality that comes with a dress but the carelessly trendy look that would come with a t-shirt. Not only do we see the reappearance of the neck ornament, but we also see ear ornaments- commonly referred to as chandelier earrings. Note again the brogues and socks combo that I am convinced goes with every outfit ever invented. I also love the way in which the model holds the bag. I imagine that it swings when she walks which is perfect for the purpose of making it glitter iridescently as it catches the light but not so great if you're in a place where you need to watch that your bag doesn't get stolen. 


 These two looks are fairly straightforward. I think that they demonstrate the perfect work to party transition, give or take a few accessories. The shirt, pencil skirt and practical handbag are classic office attire but the glitter and print creates more of a statement. It would most likely only be acceptable to wear to work if you work in fashion or another creative profession. 

The top on the right is the sort of top that most people would be able to get a lot of wear out of. It is comfortable to wear with leggings on a day in or you can dress it up with a richly embellished skirt for a night out, like pictured above. The shape of this outfit is quite simplistic but the patterns and embellishments create an eye catching allure.

Overall, Dolce and Gabbana's Fall 2011 collection is one of my favourite collections to date. It has stayed with me, in my mind, for two years. This is why I left it until last in this post.


When it comes to space and music, David Bowie is the most obvious icon. His hits ‘Space Oddity’, ‘Starman’ and ‘Is There Life On Mars?’ stand out above the rest. However, almost every Bowie album is laced with cosmic connotations in its tracks. Furthermore, Bowie immortalised his fascination with the greater universe when he created the famous alter ego Ziggy Stardust. Bowie's space 


  1. Christopher Kane's collection is gorgeous x

    1. I know! It's so wonderful. I adore nearly all Christopher Kane's collections xoxo

  2. I love your dress and those glittery boots, my own quest to find a pair has so far been horribly unsuccessful unfortunately, also your blog is awesome <3

    1. Thank you <3 Oh, the boots are so divine. I either want to get some glittery boots or some metallic ones xoxo



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