Sunday, 30 March 2014

drag my teeth across your chest to taste your beating heart

Yesterday I got back from spending a night away in Winchelsea. It was really lovely and relaxing although I wish we had stayed longer than one night (or just never ever come back at all.) It started well with 'Heroes' by David Bowie, 'Walk On The Wild Side' by Lou Reed and 'Teenage Dirtbag' by Wheetus being played consecutively on the radio whilst we drove down to the coast in the sunshine. In the restaurant we later went to they played lots of 2009 gems from the likes of Lady Gaga and JLS which took me back to the joy that was the school disco. However, later they played 'Perfect Day' by Lou Reed which was..uh..perfect (and emotional because Lou.)

When we returned from the restaurant we watched Rush. I had wanted to see it ever since I read a review of it in Vogue but Friday night was the first time I watched it. Honestly, it was quite late and I didn't give it my full attention but I did notice how much I adore Olivia Wilde's character's (Suzy Hunt) costumes. The definitively 1970s wardrobes were gorgeous but the attitudes towards the women were ugh. They were used as props to show off the success of the drivers. My uncle tried to persuade me that James Hunt was an amazing man purely because he slept with 3000 different women in his lifetime. If a woman bragged about having slept with 3000 men she would be labelled a whore who clearly has low self esteem and underlying mental health issues. Sighz. Back to the fashion. The top look specifically reminded me of Gucci's Fall 2011 collection. I recreated such a look with my take on it today to go for a walk then go to my grandparents' house in the evening.

hat- urban outfitters
scarf thingy- idk it was a present
coat (in later photos)- thrifted
shirt- thrifted
skirt- topshop

 The shirt is actually really shiny/silky but that doesn't really show in the photos for some reason.

~showing off the paisley print inside my coat~

This turquoise hue is so beautiful. It inspired me to purchase my coat.

These outfits demonstrate more than anything how well red and purple can go together.

Although I am not a huge fan of Gucci's Fall 2011 collection overall, it has stayed in my mind ever since. It was possibly the most significant of the season, setting the seventies trend. Everything is so luxurious but mostly everything is centred around **fedoras and furs**. The deep red lipstick is so perfect for pouting in- I need some. The collection was partly inspired by Florence Welch, who's style I love. (Life goals: have a collection inspired by me.)Florence's impact on the fashion industry has been quite immense having performed at a Chanel show and had a Vogue cover. This attention is rightly earned because she mixes bohemian festival style with red carpet glamour seamlessly.

Some of the Florence-inspired looks 


  1. I really dig your coat. I'm so jealous of people living in colder countries where you can wear pretty trench coats & faux fur jackets!

    1. Thank you! Oh no, I'd choose hot weather over cold weather any day (but then I'd have to get rid of my 3 faux fur jackets :P) xo

  2. oh my god i love this .. the photos taken in the back yard of your house…

    ! love it

    1. thank you. yeah ahaha- I take most of my photos there :')

  3. Hi,Ciao Sophie...Great blog & Style here,Cheers!
    Lovely post...beautiful photos and poses and your outfit is a work of Art!
    ciao from Italy


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