Sunday, 2 March 2014

her curious nature

‘Her Curious Nature’: the name alone conjures up images of girls whimsically dancing amongst the natural world without a single care; with light feet and lighter hearts. ‘Her Curious Nature’ is the land in which our diamond encrusted dreams and floral fantasies can roam wild and free. Creativity runs through the veins of its founder, Sabrina. Headwear has never looked so fabulous. The diverse range of styles means that you can play fancy dress any day of the week. One day you could be straight from the beaches of a tropical island and the next, a princess from lands afar draped in rich, purple jewels. There are no limitations. Although subtlety is not commonplace, it is an option. Conventional, yet equally delicate, hair bands are also crafted by Her Curious Nature. At the other end of the scale, regal jewels evoke Marie Antoinette-esque visions. These statement pieces are all well fitted for summer days but work equally well at brightening up dull storm filled mornings. Flower crowns not your thing? That’s okay too. Her Curious Nature offers other accessories made with such craftsmanship. A gothic choker, a cuff that shimmers under the moon and the stars, a hat to keep off the sun and add a sense of a-list anonymity and sassy studded caps that add class and style to an often shunned accessory are all on offer. Her Curious Nature is a brand so filled with magic and imagination that each separate collection is like a brief visit to another universe. 
This is the writing that I submitted for the London Fashion Weekend competition. As this post is quite brief, here are some very important songs that I highly recommend listening to:


  1. I love those songs

  2. What a beautiful flower crown :D


    1. I love them so much. I might diy one inspired by those xo


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