Thursday, 3 April 2014

crazy for sunglasses

I was scrolling through the 'fashion' tag on tumblr the other day (a place I frequent almost as much as the 'Morrissey' tag) and reblogging the photographs that most caught my eye when I noticed a trend in the things I was reblogging. Perhaps it is because the weather is finally beginning to warm up. Perhaps it is because the 'Sun, Skating and Suspicious Substances' mix CD that Tallulah sent me has me feeling summery. Perhaps it is because I let my mind wander too often in History class to the days after exams where all my worries disappear and I spend day after day lying in a field full of flowers listening to Mazzy Star and Angel Olsen. Whatever the reason, I have found that I LOVE sunglasses at the moment. I love how you can put a structural work of art ON YOUR FACE where it cannot be ignored. Sunglasses come in such a diverse range of shapes and sizes but people tend to stick to the classic wayfarers/bug-eye/aviators/cat-eye when, in fact, there are limitless horizons to explore. Originally the title for this post was just 'CRAZY SUNGLASSES' but I think it's more that the sunglasses make ME crazy than the sunglasses themselves are crazy.

If it's good enough for Twiggy, it's good enough for me. I love the lips in the top photograph. I may try lining my lips with a colour different to the colour that they are filled in with. My favourite sunglasses, however, are without a doubt the bottom pair. They kind of remind me of chunks of cheese...

It turns out that my taste in sunglasses suits girls with green hair. Hmm...perhaps that's something I should try. I have no doubts about adoring the floral embellishments added onto the frames of these sunglasses though. Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.

Sunglasses look so great with red lips and perfectly sculpted eyebrows. Although, I am quite surprised that such specific details are noticeable, as what drew me to the image initially were the sunglasses. They have somewhat of a pineapple look to them. Mmm pineapple. Very summer. Such fruit.

Um I kind of really want to get 'FASHION' tattooed onto my middle finger. There is so much that is so right about this photograph. The 'Hollywood' hat is surely one of the great millinery masterpieces of our times. The crimped blonde hair is perfect as I am in love with short blonde hair at the moment but I'm not sure if I could pull off blonde and my hair is rarely (if ever) tame enough to look as chic as above. Circular sunglasses are so simple but often seem to make such a statement. I don't think they conventionally ~suit~ many people (they don't suit me) but they're cool and if they look bad they look even cooler because it looks like you don't give a fuck. The more subtle defining feature of these sunglasses is the pastel colours that blend into each other on the frames. 

These sunglasses are something else altogether. They are impossible to ignore. They are cat-eye to the extreme. They would look out of place anywhere (in a good way) because they scream LOOK AT ME. The thick frames give much more room for cool, quirky patterns like the neon zebra print. So fantastic.

I went hunting on and the Topshop website to seek out gorgeous sunglasses, that are currently available and affordable, to rival those above. I found quite a large number of covetable sunglasses. My favourite is probably the sunflower design from Topshop. I love sunflowers because of this poem and I want to get a sunflower tattoo on my wrist soon. I styled some outfits around each pair of beautiful sunglasses that I found. The following slideshow of Polyvore sets takes you through them.

I can never ever forget Prada's Spring/Summer 2011 Baroque sunglasses. They are such a work of art. It must be such a privilege to own a pair (although I would probably display them in a glass box to protect and admire them instead of wearing them.) Whenever I think of them I think of Denni from chicmuse (aka one of the most glamorous and stylish fashion bloggers ever.) The photographs in this post have stayed in my mind for such a long time because when I first saw them I thought that they summed up everything I want summer to be ever. They still do.

Johnny Marr has always worn such fantastical sunglasses. From circular frames to wayfarers and tinted lenses, Johnny wouldn't be the same without his penchant for great sunglasses. They add to the aura of coolness that radiates off of him. I've used the word cool a lot in this post but sunglasses are just SO COOL.

The ultimate, ultimate sunglasses style icon has to be Karl Lagerfeld the Karl Lagerfeld teddy bear.


  1. I'm a sucker for sunglasses especially with funky designs. Nice post!


  2. Okay. Wow. Your blog is absolutely STUNNING. I fell in love as soon as I looked at your bio. It makes me ever so happy and content. That describes my life and I love the word choice. Heh. These sunglasses are ever so funky.

    Feel free to stop over and pay a visit
    xx Ken

  3. Hi Sophie um I read your comment on the Rookie article 'Can You Go Home Again?' and it was like you were reading my mind because I also live in the definitively dullsville town in South East England and will also be going to University in Scotland (Edinburgh!)! I just had an urge to comment and tell you this idk why I'm rly sorry but I also love Morrissey and The Smiths and everything -- Vicar In A Tutu is my life anthem!
    -- Sasha xx

    1. Haha that's so weird! If you live near we should meet up this summer :) well done for getting into Edinburgh. Vicar In A Tutu is so fab xoxo

  4. I love the ones with the flowers! Your blog is really nice

  5. I love sunglasses - and I have recently noticed that I often reblog any images with good sunglasses - they just finish an outfit sometimes!

  6. This post makes me want to cry for all the cute adorable sunglasses I will never wear :'( I wear glasses so I can't wear whatever sunglasses I want because I wouldn't be able to see, it is quite sad. Luckily I do have a pair of really amazing prescription sunglasses. They are a cross between cat eye and oval in shape, and are clear with glittery blue flowers embedded in the frames. I think you would think they are really cool :)

    Glitterous Clitoris

    1. Aw, I'm so sorry :( your everyday glasses are cute though! Do you have a post on your blog where you're wearing those sunglasses you described? They sound amazing! I scrolled through your blog for a while but couldn't find them.

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