Wednesday, 16 April 2014

under the april sky

Collage by Bella.

On Monday I went to the 3rd Rookie meet-up that I have attended. As with the other two, I met some wonderful people and had an amazing day. It was without a doubt the best day of the Easter holidays so far and a nice break from revision. I hated coming back home but I was eased gently back into reality with a movie night of watching Lost In Translation and This Is The End and consuming 3 large bags of popcorn with Antonio.

Avalon's Avril Lavigne endorsed ice tea from Chinatown.
We started the day by walking to Chinatown where we roamed a few shops for ice tea and poki sticks. Avalon bought some Avril Lavigne ice tea (aka bottled sugar + water) before giving a rendition of the chorus of 'Girlfriend' in Japanese. We tried green tea flavoured poky sticks but they just tasted like plain yoghurt. Crippling disappointment.


Next we looked round some shops. I bought 'It' by Pulp on vinyl so I can now gently weep to 'Wishful Thinking' each night before falling asleep. We went to a shop with loads of really cute dresses reminiscent of Suzy in Moonrise Kingdom. Then we went to American Apparel and talked about how creepy the owner is whilst simultaneously admiring the beautiful clothes. In Rokit we talked mostly stood around talking about bands.

After lunch at Pret we went to The Disney Store and ended up in a heated feminism discussion sparked by the assumed gender roles enforced by the Disney merchandise (pink Minnie Mouse hoover anyone?) However, we decided to move out of The Disney Store when the topic of discussion shifted to pornography.

We continued our discussion in the park where we also looked through music zines we had gotten from the record shop earlier. We listened to The Jesus And Mary Chain and The Smiths too and it was magical. However, we decided to leave when a drunk man started talking to us and trying to pull his trousers down.

Eleanor and Millie

I adore the shape of Eleanor's sunglasses. She also had the coolest necklace on. You can't see it very well in this photo and I wish I'd gotten a close up of it (and of her shoes too.) It is a small cardboard box with a collage over the top. It would make a great DIY project. I'd love to make one covered in photos of Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe. Eleanor's shoes are also pretty rad. It's difficult to see but they're covered in gold studs.

I love Millie's dress because daises look so great on everything. I actually recently bought a very similar one.

Nina and Avalon
Nina was dressed mostly in American Apparel and looked like a ~~plant girl~~. I love polonecks right now. I tried on a striped one last week but it didn't look as good on me. Pleated skirts and knee high socks give such a cool school uniform kinda vibe that I love now that I no longer have to wear a school uniform.

Avalon looks soooo cool in this photo. I love her sunglasses. Heart-shaped sunglasses make me think of Lana Del Rey. They coordinate perfectly with the tartan skirt which works wonderfully with all black. The black draws attention to the skirt's pattern. I love her bracelets too. One of them says 'Wolf Alice' but I didn't see the others. I listened to an interview with Tavi Gevinson recently where she said that someone came to an American Rookie meet-up wearing a beaded bracelet that just said 'poems.' I want to make a 'poems' one.

Bella and Imogen
More cool sunglasses from Bella. The first thing Bella said to me (after introductions) as we walked towards Chinatown was that we had the same shoes on. We had also both paired chunky creepers with pretty feminine dresses. I love the contrast between the two.

Imogen looked so laidback and cool. I really love this photo. Her jacket is awesome. I have a similar one that I go through phases of throwing over everything I wear.

Cam and I

Shirts collars underneath sweatshirts always look amazing. They look even better if the sweatshirt is in a bright colour with a cute cartoon on it.

I'm wearing a thrifted dress, tights from Topshop and creepers from Boohoo. I wore my Meadham Kirchhoff for Amazon sweatshirt and vintage Dorothy Perkins rucksack for most of the day as well.

The day was so great and I managed to mutually fangirl about pretty much everything/one that I have ever wanted to mutually fangirl about. Morrissey? Check. Patti Smith? Check. Jack Kerouac? Check. Tavi Gevinson? Duh. It was a Rookie meet-up.


  1. this sounds amazing! beautiful clothes and interesting conversation and avril lavigne drinks... I want to be there haha! you all look so good and I love your dress and creepers combination.xx

    1. you should come to one! it was so much fun :) thank you xoxo

  2. sounds so fun and everyone looks great! :)

    1. it was so fun and I knoowww they're all so stylish :)

  3. So cool that you can have a Rookie Meetup! This looks like so much fun, and I am in love with everyone's clothes! Ahh! I am morbidly jealous that I could not be there, but alas, an ocean separates us. Looks fun!

    1. If you ever come to London on holiday you should come along :) xoxo

  4. Agh this all looks so fun and beautiful and I wanna come to a meetup sometime eek

    1. You should come next time! We'll have another some time in the summer xoxo

  5. Is this where you live? It looks so awesome! A rookie meetup sounds like it would be a blast.
    But, alas, I live in the middle of nowhere. sigh.
    I really like looking at your blog though- you have great taste!

    1. I'm eternally jealous of people who actually live in London! I'm a relatively short train journey away. I can sort of relate to living in the middle of nowhere though. I live in a small town where nothing much happens. Thank you so much :)

  6. Great post & nice outfits, I like your blog, and the idea of this post is really unique, well done :)



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