Tuesday, 27 May 2014

crimes and coco chanel

My exams finished last Thursday, and now that they are out of the way I can continue with the 4th issue of my zine, Pretty. The theme is 'Crimes and Coco Chanel' and this post is essentially a call for submissions. I have made the first 3 issues mostly on my own, but after working on projects such as Cherry and fab-fem, I have realised the many and various benefits of working on something as a more integrated team. 

From Issue 1

When I started making Pretty last June, I planned to create and publish an issue every month. However, once I started school again that proved impossible. I have instead decided that I will create 3 issues a year. One in July, one in August and one in September. All of the themes are pre-planned so people can submit to whatever they theme they currently have a piece for. These are the themes for this summer are the following: 

  • Crimes and Coco Chanel (July)
  • Drama and Dorian Gray (August)
  • Eighties and Enlightenment (September) 

The structure of publishing may seem odd but the summer is really the only time where I have enough time on my hands to create something of a satisfactory quality. 

From Issue 3: Books and Bowie

I am currently accepting submissions for all 3 issues but the focus at the moment is mainly on the July issue. The theme (Crimes and Coco Chanel) can be interpreted however you like, but here are some ideas:

  • articles on famous crimes/murders/gangsters
  • articles on bizarre crimes
  • riots and revolutions
  • how some people have to commit crime to survive
  • petty crimes
  • pussy riot
  • the bling ring
  • drugs/legal highs/should cannabis be legalised?
  • fashion articles on coco chanel
  • coco chanel and feminism
  • fashion photographs inspired by classic chanel designs
  • book reviews
  • film reviews
  • short stories
  • poems

From Issue 2: Attention and All-nighters

You can find purchase the first 3 issues of Pretty on Etsy. I have to charge a small amount of money to put towards paper and ink cartridges needed to create the zines. You can also find out more about Pretty on tumblr, where I will be posting more in the future. All submissions are greatly appreciated and I hope to receive some to make the zine more rounded. 

Please send submissions to sophie.wilson09a@hotmail.co.uk by 1st July.

From Issue 1
From Issue 2: Attention and All-nighters
From Issue 3: Books and Bowie

I promise that I have some more interesting posts planned for the near future. I should be able to post on here more frequently now, and I have a ton of oufit photos, as well as some taken by Antonio (you can see some of them here.)


    1. I'm loving this zine so much, they all look so cool and I'm really excited for submitting for Crimes and Coco Chanel.


      1. thanks! i'm really excited for receiving your submission :)

    2. Oh my god this is so sick. I'm gonna try to get something, cause I'd love to be a part of it! ah! I only hope I have the time!!! These issues look sick, I'm gonna try to buy the previous ones! (just have to convince my parents first, they hate buying stuff online haha)

      1. thank you so much :) i'd love for you to be a part of it. it's going on over the whole of the summer so hopefully you'll be able to get something in at least one of them. oh i know, my parents are the same :( i've tried to make them as cheap as possible and the pdf is quick and easy to download


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