Sunday, 1 June 2014

i'm tired of dancing on a pot of gold-flaked paint

I finished reading Grace Coddington's memoir 'Grace' on Wednesday and it was so spectacular. I had had it sitting on my bookshelf for a while before I started reading it but it was so gripping that towards the end I could hardly put it down. Her descriptions of London and Paris in the '60s were of course staggeringly beautiful. Then there were the guest lists from various parties and dos that she just casually rolled off names like David Bailey and Karl Lagerfeld. However, it never seemed pretentious and Grace speaks from a very humble point of view (sometimes supersciliously so, but it's nice to see someone so grounded in such a high position within the fashion industry.) Another reason why it didn't seem over the top was because Grace's life has been so balanced with dizzying highs (fashion shoots in the Caribbean, Met Galas) and crushing lows (car crash, divorces and the tragedy of her sister's life and death.) Other than being an utterly entertaining and inspiring read, it also helped me to get things in perspective. So many things have happened to Grace that could be considered 'unlucky' but she still seems to be in a very 'lucky' position. Therefore, I guess it gives the message that you can overcome obstacles to reach your goals etcetra.

Today I went to see Maleficent and I really enjoyed it. Angelina Jolie was fantastic and so were her cheekbones. Sam Riley is very very hot. 

I finally bought some white nail polish! I love it. You can't see in these photos but I painted one coat of silver glitter over the top. They looked kind of like snow so I guess they juxtaposed with the hot weather we had last week. Not that I thought that at the time, they just looked pretty. 

Sunglasses, Vince Camuto
Shirt, Forever 21
Dress, Red Herring
Nail polish, Barry M
Tights, Asos
Shoes, Rocket Dog

I love my candy tights from asos so so much. I keep thinking that my obsession with tights is over and then I see a new pair. They're great for cooler summer days though. 

Grace Coddington's 1992 'Grunge and Glory' shoot is one of my favourites. Probably because it is so iconic. Anna hated it and she hated everything grunge but Grace loves vintage floral dresses so this perfect; especially after the ugly powerdressing trend of the '80s. I will probably spend most of the rest of this summer dressing in sundresses and my Docs. The pairing is the perfect balance between femininity and masculinity and between comfort and style.

I'm still taking submissions for my zine, 'Pretty.' I have been working on it quite a bit and have pretty much finished and am just waiting for some more submissions. I am especially in need of outfit of the days for a personal style feature I'm putting in, so send all your cute outfits to
I have also written an article and short story for next month's Cherry


  1. I've still to read Grace, but it's been sitting on my bookshelf forever, just like you. Maybe I'll pick it up as soon as school gets less crazy. AND ALSO I HAD AN ALMOST OUTWARD FREAKOUT ABOUT THE TIGHTS!!!!!!!! I need them, they are the most amazing things I have seen, and I love how you put them in with the outfit. Man, this is just spectacular.

    1. You should definitely read it at some point this summer. Let me know what you think when you do :) thank you so much. they are definitely one of my favourites xx

  2. That Coddington shoot is, ugh, so pretty and yet ugly at the same time - perfection! Rad post.

    1. i love things that have a contrast between pretty and ugly. it's more thought provoking i think. that sounds really pretentious but whatever. thank you xx


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