Thursday, 5 June 2014

ask the angels, will i ever see heaven again?

A couple of weeks ago I went on a walk with Antonio. We stayed out until it got dark- taking these photos and exploring/getting lost/climbing over gates. My outfit was inspired by the "Santa Barbara" shoot in the June issue of British Vogue, but some of them turned out more like Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland, with the ones where I’m lying on the ground kind of Laura Palmer/Twin Peak-esque. The field we went to reminds me of somewhere in California, hence the Santa Barbara inspiration and the post title being from ‘Salinas’ by Laura Marling. It's how I imagined everything to look when I was reading East of Eden. I really like the whole countryside aesthetic of the Salinas area of California that contrasts with the glamour and danger of Los Angeles. We listened to the Palo Alto soundtrack whilst taking these photos, and Gia Coppola's aesthetic for that film (from the clip's we've seen) was another Californian inspiration for these images. In these photos I'm wearing a jacket that my grandma bought in Paris in the '80s, top from USC, shorts from Miss Selfridge and shoes from H by Henry Holland. The colour photos are taken with a Canon 60D and the black and white ones on a Canon EOS 650. 
I'm so pleased with how these turned out. I always feel like I sound insincere if and when I praise Antonio's talent because a lot of our friendship is built around sarcasm, but seriously, he made these photos look so gorgeous. The photos in this post are my favourites, but you can see all of them here.

You can still submit to the next issue of 'Pretty' up until the end of this month with anything that links in some way to the theme of 'Crimes and Coco Chanel.' I'm super excited for it to all come together. Here is the cover:


  1. These pictures are so beautiful! Gah I love them all!

  2. love this outfit and these pictures! i really love the feel and aesthetics of them, you really captured the californian feel you were going for!

    1. thank you! i'm so glad that you think so xx


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