Tuesday, 10 June 2014

don't you think that it's boring how people talk?

Last Friday, I wore this outfit to SEE LORDE! It was an amazing night that I have waited until now to post about because I needed to get my thoughts in order. It was exciting and emotional and made me think of a million connotations I place alongside the music and the experience. I went with Eleanor and Beth and when it ended we were mostly speechles of repeating the line, "I can't put it into words."

I started to write about the evening on the tube afterwards, but I got distracted because there was a couple next to me having an argument and I wanted to focus on listening to them (4 story ideas???? obvs.) There isn't anything to salvage from the early notes on my phone. It was mostly like a narcissistic journal entry where I make everything that's ever happened about me somehow. The most poignant moment of the night was when Lorde talked about growing up. I don't want to just recite what she said, but it was about how she had never wanted to grow up and get a 'proper' job because she wanted to be a musician. However, being a musician has meant that she has grown up quicker in some ways but in others ways she may never have to be grown up. It was so surreal seeing someone my age in such a powerful position and gaining such applause. However, instead of envy I felt an overwhelming sense of together-ness (community wouldn't be the right word), especially when she played "Team". Perhaps this is because her lyrics are so instantly relateable, not neccassarily in a deep introspective way, but lines like "I love these roads where the houses don't change" and "I feel grown up with you in your car, I know it's dumb" epitomise teenage experience. We have these experiences and have the time to think about what they mean and sometimes you'll be at a party and stop participating to have some time where you just observe and see how people look when they dance and think that no one's watching and what others' laughs sound like. I've described Lorde in general more than the actual concert so far. Her dancing was superb. All the best performers have definitive dance moves and it adds such energy to the show. It was also so lovely to see how sincere she seemed and, because of that, everything was so much more emotionally fuelled. It's amazing watching someone realise that they have achieved their dreams and that's what it felt like we were watching. It was really inspirational. 
I met Antonio at the station in my hometown and we got pizza and walked home, talking about how phenomonal she was (Antonio saw her the night before at Shepherd's Bush.)

I made the 'DON'T YOU THINK THAT IT'S BORING HOW PEOPLE TALK?' t-shirt the day before. Everyone was phenomonally well dressed at the concert. Lorde already has a imitable style and it was easy to pick out who we thought was going to the concert when we were travelling there. I wish I'd had the time to take some photos of the array of wonderful outfits, but once we got to the venue we just wanted to get inside so we were fairly near to the front.

Jacket- Forever 21
T-shirt- diy'd
Shorts- Miss Selfridge
Creepers- boohoo.com

I didn't take any photos or videos because it was the most phone crowded gig I've ever been to and I didn't want to add to that. However, it will always be in my memory and it was a magical night.


  1. Oooh oh man im so jealous you saw a Lorde concert! I love your outfit! Could you do a diy how to on your shirt i need it in my life lol. I saw Tyler the creator last night and felt the same vibes you did. Tyler comes of as childish and millennial pleasing and he has so many fans who adore him. I felt the sense of togetherness and noticed all the cool outfits that i didnt photograph :p. Great post!


    1. She was fantastic! I'll definitely do a tutorial some time in the summer holidays this year :) xoxo

  2. I also got to see Lorde in concert last March! She kicks ass, doesn't she?
    Her dancing was definitely the best part. She was so passionate.
    However, the crowd when we saw her was so lame. No one was dancing, and there were people who just filmed it all and watched the entire show from their screen. It bummed me out, but hey- it was Lorde!
    So I totally feel you when you didn't want to take any pics. I don't have any pictures either, but I don't care.

    Also, your outfit is super cute!


    1. She DOES kick ass :') yeah, the crowd were a lot more miserable than some of the other concerts I've been to, though quite a lot of people were dancing. I'm glad I have the memories in my head though. Thank you xoxo

  3. wow sounds like an amazing concert and i'm glad you had a great time! :)
    you describe those 'teen moments' that lorde describes so well, i get those and whenever i do i always feel so teenagery haha
    also, i love your outfit and especially your shirt! i'd love to know how you made it actually :p


    1. Thank you :) I'll do a tutorial in a few weeks when I finish school xoxo

  4. your t shirt is the absolute best omg I feel like I want all of Lorde's lyrics on s t shirt somehow. Listening to her songs is comforting because its nice to know someone else feels that way too agh it must have been so cool to see her live.


  5. Going to see Lorde this september and I am so excited. I really love this outfit and especially the shirt wowowowoowowow.

    1. I hope you have an amazing time (I'm sure you will)! Thank you xoxo

  6. Oh my goodness, that concert sounds fantastic! Your t-shirt is the coolest thing I've seen all day, I LOVE it!


  7. your t shirt is the greatest and wow at going to see Lorde. I bet she's amazing live




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