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george harrison

Let me start this post off with a little anecdote. In one of my favourite dreams ever (EVER!), I was a music journalist for a fanzine in the early '60s. It was before The Beatles were really famous, so I was to walk down a street to a small house where George Harrison lived. I went round and George answered the door and we went through to the living room where I asked him the questions I needed to ask. Then, as I was getting ready to leave, he walked up close to me and asked me out (or if I wanted to go courting or something cute and quintessentially '60s.) I said yes (duh, this is teenage George Harrison) and then he lifted me up in the air and I bent my knees up and then I was looking at the scene from the outside and thinking how beautiful it was. Then I woke up and I have been crying on the inside ever since. 

Anyway, a couple of months ago, I came across this photoset of Dhani Harrison and Sasha Pivovorova dressed up as George Harrison and Patti Boyd, published in "Fashion Rocks!" in 2008. I loved it so much that I saved every image on my phone and kept one as my background for a while. Sasha Pivovarova is one of my favourite models. Her walk is always so dynamic and individual, whilst her editorials have been consistently fierce. That is without mentioning her natural gorgeousness. She worked so well alongside George's son; recreating the stylish chemistry that was in George and Pattie's relationship.

George is my favourite Beatle and his solo album "All Things Must Pass" got me through a lot last year. It means so much to me and I listen to it whenever I feel as though I need to be comforted. Here are 3 of my favourite songs from the album:

I just love these so much that I had to share them on here. They are so sweet and the similarity between Dhani and George is uncanny. 

if not for you

Pattie and George are definitely one of my favourite couples ever sartorially. George's style took on many different characteristics throughout his lifetime; whether it moved with the aesthetics of The Beatles or evolved more personally later on in his career. Here are some of George's highlights:

Making the denim-on-denim faux pas look fabulously cool and sexy.
Literally the King of poloneck sweaters, especially in his mod phase, as seen here.
This photo is so couple goals. George makes heart-shaped sunglasses look totally hip on men. His trousers are really cool, and they match Pattie's dress! Too cute!
These outfits are so perfect that they look like they should come from an editorial. I just love how George wears a woolly hat and jumper to the beach. However, he doesn't wear trousers. Fascinating. And I want to recreate the look.
The time when Pattie and George were together was definitely my favourite for George's style. He experimented with hippie prints that his previous monochrome based teddy boy and mod looks had allowed little room for. Plus, he gets major points for looking attractive with a moustache; not an easy feat.
Rocking the classic Teddy Boy style that I saw in my dream <3 <3

On another topic, the deadline for submissions for the "Crimes and Coco Chanel" issue of "Pretty" is less than a week away. Click here for a reminder of what I am looking for, as well as more information about the zine in general. Send submissions along to sophie.wilson09a@hotmail.co.uk.

Consequently, I am now seeking submisisons for Issue 5, "Drama and Dorian Gray." The theme can be interpretted however you wish, but here are some ideas:
  • fashion articles on a collection or celebrity wardrobe that you would (theoretically and superficially) sell your soul for
  • articles on obsession
  • articles on hedonism
  • reviews of theatre shows
  • reviews of tv shows
  • articles on influence
  • a brief summary of the most dramatic moment of your life so far
  • a one word (or slightly more) answer to the question "what would you sell your soul for?" that is superficially based e.g. cheekbones, hot bod etc.
  • articles on art
  • articles on fame/attention
  • book reviews
  • short stories
  • poems
  • photo sets
Send submissions to sophie.wilson09a@hotmail.co.uk

A couple of weeks ago I styled a photoshoot for "Pretty" with Alice and Antonio. The photos will be in the "Crimes and Coco Chanel" issue, but here is a preview from ~behind-the-scenes.

(Left to right): me, Grace (who helped with lighting and assissted in general), Alice and Tom (who did hair and makeup)


  1. LOVED these pictures! It's really interesting to see how generations have gone by and yet....

    ELECTRIC SEA | by Amelie


  2. the idea of you waking from that dream and then crying for the rest of your life hahahahah


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