Thursday, 26 June 2014

if i had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense

I've been posting a lot more regularly this week for a number of reasons. All I've felt like doing lately is immersing myself in fashion. I've been feeling more comfortable and contented than I have done since around this time last year. That feeling of security has taken me back to what it felt like to be 13 and more carefree than I am now. Hence, I've been spending my time a lot more like I spent it when I was 13.

Despite these feelings of youthfulness ("it's hard to be sixteen" etc etc.) I have been looking round unis over the past fortnight which is "eeeek" scary, but also "aaaayyyy" exciting. Brighton was fantastic and it's generally a really vibrant place to be. Kings College was gorgeous, and situated right next to Somerset House, it is ideal. I also have the impending doom of results day to take into consideration though awhsfvweufjnrkieakvejn. 

I bought this dress from TK Maxx last month. It's a little bit too big so I have tie the straps up and just wear my prettiest bras in case they show. I have to put a blazer over the top at school because shoulders are "unprofessional." Omg I apologise for having! shoulders! I'll never get a job with them!! I like this dress because it vaguely reminds me of Courtney Love's babydoll dresses. The lace is so pretty and delicate and the layers give it an interesting silhouette.
I think I bought the hairband from some obscure shop that I can't remember the name of. I remember trying it on, but the memory feels like a dream or something. I got these sunglasses from Primark on the same day I bought the dress. Today my mum said to me, "You didn't go to school wearing those, did you?!" Thanks mum. You're just jealous that you spend lots of money on good quality sunglasses when I can get this unprotective yet stylish ones for £2. I got the necklace in the Dorothy Perkins sale (their jewellery sales are really great) a couple of years ago. I think the socks are from Dorothy Perkins too. Shoes from Rocketdog and they give my right little toe a blister.

~pale arms r pale~

We're thinking about starting to write our personal statements at school at the moment and it is terrifying. I feel like I have a lot to say but I don't know how to articulate myself and everything is moving so fast and I cried a little bit today. Below is part of a journal entry I wrote the other day that sort of sums up my feelings at the moment and also why I've been blogging so much:

"Everything is moving so fast, but it feels so slow at the same time. University applications are just months away but, with this years exams out of the way, I have more time to sit in my bedroom corner and read. I have been blogging a lot more too. The future excites me. Going to uni could be the best thing I ever do, but if not then it will be the worst. Ive never dealt well with moderation and I set myself up for disappointment with sky high expectations. Thats why Im frightened; because its a leap in the dark with just a torch and my dreams. I want there to be a vacuum in time where I can mooch off into for a few days from time to time until I remember the important things in life like friendship and feeling loved and unadulterated landscapes. I think a lot about the line in Patti Smiths Pissing In A River where she sings, Should I pursue a path so twisted, should I crawl, defeated and gifted?I noticed so much unnecessary spite at school today. Perhaps people are drawn to act out like that because school is such a fraught environment, but because of that I cant understand why people cant just try to be a bit more gentle to one another in this mutual understanding. Ive got really into fashion again recently and Im checking everyday. I have also been realised how much fashion has helped me, not just as a hobby or as a way of finding myself , but by giving me a reason to get out of bed each day, and by allowing self expression when I feel like I will drown if I have to contain the passion I feel for too long."

I've been ignoring my printed leggings too much lately. I have quite a few pairs that I am going to start pairing with anything and everything else for wardrobe combinations that I haven't tried before. I wore this outfit on Wednesday, after writing about George Harrison and Pattie Boyd, so it was loosely inspired by the "Here Comes The Son" shoot. The dress is thrifted, the leggings are from Primark and the boots are from 

I didn't actually wear the hat or faux fur to school because it's like 25 plus degrees everyday now, but it's a lot more Pattie-esque, so I dressed up for the photos. My dog decided to chase me ouside and stare at me, but she looks cute in the photos. They're probably the sort of photos my grandma would want to print and stick on the wall because Jessie and I are looking at each other nd it's all super sweet whatever.The Hat is from Urban Outfitters and the faux fur scarf was a gift.

ANOTHER OUTFIT. YES! I have a lot of outfit photos saved on my laptop at the moment, but I'll stagger them a little bit to only three per post.

This outfit was somewhat normcore inspired. This pleated skirt is the closest thing I have to a tennis skirt. I have an actual tennis skirt for playing actual tennis in because I'm a TRUE FAN 4 REAL, but it's not cute and pleated. My plan is to tell my dad that American Apparel "tennis skirts" are really special and will make me really good at tennis and I'm planning on becoming really serious about my tennis, then maybe he'll buy me one. I'm kidding because that would never work. The shirt and skirt are thrifted. The socks are from Urban Outfitters and the shoes are H by Henry Holland.

The weather has been so lovely lately and it's got me thinking about my ideal summer wardrobe. So, I've made a collage of the clothes I fantasise about spending the summer wearing whilst I lay about in the garden looking very glamorous and working my way through a collosal summer reading list:

i am fashion


  1. Your style reminds me of Helena Bonham Carter, especially the first outfit with the white dress! The second outfit is gorgeous as well.

    1. Thank you! She's fab and I love her style :*

  2. I love these!

  3. Love your style,the second outfit is my fave! xx

  4. Wow, that first dress is stunning! It's so dreamy- I love it! <3

  5. love your outfits, especially the lace dress!

  6. ALL OF THESE ARE AMAZING. I especially love the first, there's something just so classy and lovely about it, you know? Also you have amazing hair.


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