Monday, 23 June 2014

trashy and normcore

Here is what I think of all my favourite Resort 2015 collections.

Band of Outsiders
At first look, I did not like/have much to say about this collection. The thumbnail made it look boring and pretentious middle age-y.  However, as i clicked through further I fell in love with its simplicity. I think the bandana wearing model looks like she should be wearing the clothes to go to a picnic with strawberries in a field somewhere. The summertime references, however, are not too overt in the cliched resort way. They are much more muted and therefore appealing to anyone with an aversion to such cliches.

I think that one of the reasons I have grown to like this collection is because I have recently been lusting after American Apparel clothes (which is fine because they fired Dov Charney but-) which i have been kicking myself about because
a) They're expensive
b) Gahhhh what a teen girl on the internet cliche (see above about my aversion to cliches)
c) I know that I won't look as hot as Joanna Kuchta in them
However, as much as I love the over-accessorised and tacky-but-in-a-self-aware-way look, there is something to be said for going back to basics and the sophistication of simplicity. British Vogue have announced that minimalism is the definitive look of the noughties and "normcore" is a phrase floating around the fashion world promiscuously at the moment.

One thing that I did not like about Band of Outsiders' Resort 2015 collection were the baggy sweatshirts/t-shirts. Although their redeeming feature is that they remind me of Petra Collins' "School's Out" Rookie shoot for some reason (looking at it now, most of the people are wearing t-shirts), I think I have overdone this look. At least, I have seen enough of it.

Monochrome prints <3 <3 <3 A big spring/summer trend this year is matching prints (especially when pairing bralets/crop tops with skirts/shorts.) Here it is done excellently with a cute matching jacket too.

Looks like the sort of outfit you'd find in primark for like £20 in total.

As much as I adore stripes, this is a perfect example of how the collection seemed targetted at an older demographic in a kind of expensively frumpy way. Like the mums at my primary school dressed. Too Crew Clothing.

More army jackets? Really? 

This one looks like a towel. Too predictably resort. It would probably look better with heels as opposed to chunky flats.

I really like the colours in this look. Jackets always look so good when they are draped instead properly put on. The block prints on the top modernise the outfit in a way that several of the other looks fail to achieve.

I love these shoes. The dress is interesting. Billowy dresses can give a distorted shape which is a style that I love at the moment.

I don't know why but I was just kind of drawn to this dress. I guess that I can never get bored of little black dresses. It's so interested to see how different designers interpret this staple item into various different collections. The back is pretty basic but what I love most is the shiny material because it gives the dress a sporty feel.

Burberry Prorsum

I love this skirt. The rest of the collection sssssexyyyy but kind of meh. There were a few other skirts like this one that are beautiful.

House of Holland

Henry Holland has the trashy California colour pop animal print thing down. The bright colours are so alive. This whole collection has a vibrant and inherently teen vibe to it.

The flatforms are cute. Here the inspiration from Cindy Crawford kissing a surfboard in an '80s OP ad is the most prominent. The bangles look like something I could've made in tech at school and I love them for it. 

This is the sort of outfit I can imagine myself wearing and being comfortable in straight away. Perfect for days out in the city. The high/low mix that comes from mixing ripped denim with metallics works effortlessly. Best worn with big lips covered in lip gloss.  

 Leopard print jackets and ripped jeans are a staple look. I was wearing something along those lines when Antonio's dog dragged me across a cemetery (another story for another time.) The shiny fabric underneath the jeans- from leggings I think?- looks fab, but would be better for winter days. 

Reminds me of Alexa Chung's style a little bit.

This look is really cute but lively too. That multi-coloured coat is wonderful.

I wish that more collections included politically motivated slogans, though this one was really more about chanelling the '70s/'80s aesthetic than the actual message. "My pussy my rules" comes from a '70s sexual health campaign, but it generally is quite an empowering statement. Kinda. 

Orla Kiely

Classically cute sundresses and some interesting prints at Orla Kiely for Resort 2015. The collection was inspired by French simplicity and designed for the working woman, which is basically the Coco Chanel ethic so no wonder I like some of the looks so much.

Stripes look good with everything. Cardigans can be thrown over any staple summer dresses. 

Matching top and bottoms don't just have to be crop tops and shorts or mini skirts. Shoulder to ankle one pattern has an even greater effect.



My new found love for minimalismism has not only sprung from the annoying desire I have for American Apparel clothes, but also the announcement by British Vogue that minimilism is the definitive look of the noughties. A.L.C. resort 2015 is clean and crisp, with shimmers of metallics adding extra modernity. 

Let's not make knee-length shorts fashionable :/ :/

Pleats are hot at the moment. See American Apparel tennis skirts.

I didn't know that I wanted metallic shorts until I saw this. Now I really want metallic shorts.

The back of this jumpsuit is very heart eyes emoji. The lines keep with the smart structure that looks so good with a monochromatic pallette. It fights against the omnipresence of pretty lace in the resort collections.

This is minimalism at its best. Although A.L.C. is not the most influential of brands, I really believe that this collection speaks volumes about the near future of fashion. However, it has also pinpointed the present. London street style is looking very similar right now.

Looks like pyjamas. Very stylish pyjamas.

This is the first look of the collection and it has a punk feel to it. No, not just because of the pose and the leather jacket. Lieberman said, "I love colors that come across as punk" and right now monochromatic colours come across as the most punk. They give off the Idontgiveafuck kind of vibe. It is like fighting back from all the crazy complicated world by returning to simplicity. 

Christopher Kane

This is my favourite of the resort collections. It may not seem like it, but I did try really hard to narrow it down to my absolute favourites. The whole collection is so fabulous.

The geometry of these clothes is what I find the most striking. The skillfully folded fabric, adds a preciseness to pink tulle, that is usually thought of as floaty and fairy-like. It's sort of girly girl meets normcore. I also like the chunky black sandals, because although they are plain, they manage to stand out by being so bold.

This is much more delicate than the previous looks. The lace gives the pink more femininity. I love the small pleats. Another way to interpret the bralet trend is to wear cute bandeau bras underneath see through tops. Kane calls the sheer looks "MA-isms" because he incorporated them into his graduate collection, which is so cute.

I like the juxtaposition of bright colour and stereotypical ladylike qualities of this outfit. The sheer fabric and black lace adds subtle sexuality to it; like how I always wear fishnets with otherwise formal or ~conservative outfits. 

The sleeves! The sleeves!

 Regina George wants her top back. It actually looks like there are removable shoulder pads stuck over her boobs. Kane said about this collection that, "There's a definite emphasis on boobs." Would we want it any other way? (No.) If one look sums up the entire collection, this is it. 

I love how tacky this one is. It's how I'll dress if I ever decide to take a year out of my life to be a stripper in L.A. (I'm half kidding.) Here we see that animal print on animal print can work if this kind of thing is the desired look.

If the look before this is the nightime stripper look, then this is the daytime one. I'm not knocking it. I love it.


This is the collection that conquers the sophisticated side of normcore. Black and white has been my go to spectrum for a long time now. It is easy to make it look effortlessly cool. Black in the summertime is the epitome of coolness.

I am starting to appreciate Balenciaga's aesthetic a lot more. The first two looks were my favourites because of the black on black thing they've got going on. It looks cooler than ice cubes. The rest of the collection was eh, but I have already tried to emmulate these looks several times since first laying my eyes on them.


Admittedly, my absolute favourite thing about this collection is the fact that Karl Lagerfeld put the whole show on a small island off the coast of Dubai. WUTTT? Chanel's resort collections are always gorgeous; perhaps even moreso than s/s or a/w. Altogether this isn't one of my favourite Chanel collections, but within the 83 looks Lagerfeld sent down the runway, there are some gems.

Monochrome! Prints work really well here because the colour pallette shows the sophisticated attention to detail. Lagerfeld always says that Coco would hate his collections and the way that he has steered the brand. Sometimes I think he's just saying this to distance himself from Coco and carve his own identity (which has already been done, obviously.) However, the Resort 2015 collection is really very far away from what we perceive to be Chanel. In these two looks there are no tell-tale signs of Chanel, but I love them nonetheless.

If I could own one piece from this collection, it would be this coat. It is so beautiful and so sixties. The woolen tights/flip flop things add to this. At first it just looks like a kind of plain outfit with a cute coat, but that hosiery/footwear hybrid is a fascinating concept. The moon hair accessories are a high point in this collection.

Sweet and floral but not particularly enlightening.

There is so much to talk about within this outfit. The beehive hairstyle is so lovely (though it's easier for me to pull off the big curly hair- see other photos from this collection.) The top part looks very arty. The cubism makes this outfit look neat and organised, to balance out the clustered flowers embellished in a criss cross pattern across the sheer skirt. In theory, it's kind of clashy, but ends up being surprisingly cohesive. The almost invisible shoes ensure that the clothes are not overshadowed by any accessories. 

I'm back at school now, so posting may be a little less frequent. Gotta go and tidy my room now -_-


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