Saturday, 12 July 2014

arty farty

Vogue Catwalk Edits are one the expected highlights of each year. There are so many fabulous trends predicted from the Autumn/Winter 2014 Collections. Although the polar opposite of the normcore look I've been lusting after lately, this spread made me seriously fangirl. There are so many directions to go in using different interpretations of this trend. I can't wait to see how people incorporate it into their style:

Here are some outfits I styled today in response to this trend. I spent most of today in the garden, after going to my first volunteering session at the library, and I decided to look through my clothes and see if I had anything that kind of fitted the aesthetic of this spread.

 Top from eBay, skirt is thrifted. If you wear it without shoes or socks like I did the whole outfit only comes to like £5. Thumbs up emoji.

Top from River Island, skirt from Kaos. The print on the top reminds me a little of the Acne top in the spread above, but not as cool because it doesn't include the sculpture print or the pixelated detail.

Blouse is Meadham Kirchhoff for Topshop <3 <3 and skirt is from New look.

Another thing I did in the garden today was doodle some images from tumblr that I've recently reblogged. Volunteering at the library this morning was nice but my volunteer sash fell off without me noticing and I tripped on it just off the High Street -_-


  1. I love your very "vogue" poses :)

  2. How lucky to have a garden to take photos in away from confused strangers, haha! And ah, that's great that you snagged a meadham kirchoff blouse! Just found this blog~

  3. Oh God, I hate taking photos in public most of the time; it's so embarrassing! Plus I use self-timer so I can't really set it up somewhere else. I got the MK blouse as a Christmas present (after trying it on in store) and it's my absolute favourite item of clothing :') xoxo


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