Wednesday, 9 July 2014

summer in the suburbs

Last year I had ten weeks off school over the summer and came up with so many grand schemes and plans that I hoped would lead to me squeezing every possible ounce of ~teen fun/excitement/yolo-ness out of the holidays. I was hoping for some great adventure or summer romance or something clich├ęd and fiction inspired like that. It was the summer I turned sixteen so it made sense for something somewhat monumental to happen. Obviously, nothing of the sort happened. I did have some good days but mostly I was bored and sad and bored. That’s why this summer, although it is just a regular six weeks this time, I am going to be contented with everyday life in the small suburban town I live in. 
I’ve lived in the same house my entire life. I don’t particularly like where I live (i hate my town nd im emo.) It’s not particularly dangerous or anything (though there used to be a gang who carried knives and hung out on the green that my bedroom window faces onto- I didn’t choose the thug lyf guyz), it’s just so goddamn boring. However, there are so many teen movies out there that focus on the mundane aspects of adolescence and, luckily, a lot of them have super cute suburban neighbourhood shots that remind me of the area I live in. 
Although school is horrible, if we look it more as an experience or even an aesthetic, it’s a lot more bearable. I think about Rookie's "School Spirit" shoot a lot although it's nothing like what my school looks like. If you think of every bad or boring day as a memory as opposed to a here and now experience then it is easier to persevere with. I know that isn’t very #yoloswagteen of me, but it isn’t possible to be #yoloswag everyday because you have to get up to go to school and put up with mean people from time to time and sometimes deal with feeling very lonely and isolated. That's why I've put together this image compilation of film stills and britpop music videos to help me cope with the fact that I can't catch the train to London every single day this summer:

Vancouver in the '60s
Music Video for "Babies" by Pulp
Edward Scissorhands
The Virgin Suicides
Music video for "Parklife" by Blur
Ghost World

Recently I've taken these outfit photos with the whole suburban boredom theme from above in mind. I will probably spend most of the holidays in my garden because, despite my angsty teen persona, I actually quite like the sun:

Sunglasses from Vince Camuto, coat from Vero Moda, dress is thrifted, tights were a gift from my mum, sandals from eBay.

It was definitely too hot to be wearing this coat on the day that I wore it...but I wore it into town nonetheless. ~the things we do for fashion etc. I have so many lovely faux fur coats that I've bought over the past 2 winters that I don't want to stop wearing just because it's hot!!

I look really awkward here but Jessie always decides to follow me outside when I'm taking photos, so I thought I'd include her. See us both staring into the distance in a contemplative manner below:

My mum described this as a "springtime vogue" look and I was like "awwww thanks" :')

Flower crown diy'd, dress from Blue Vanilla, tights from asos, sandals from New Look. I haven't taken any photos on the decking before. I love the way the trellis looks in these, but to get there I had to risk getting crushed by a netball hoop, dodge maggots and fluorescent green slugs and try not to fall through the rotting wood. I'll try to take some more outfit photos here but we're going to get rid of the decking soon and possibly replace it with a summer house/shed thing, which I keep trying to bring up because I want it to be like Freddie's in Skins. It would be so lovely to have a sanctuary in the garden with beanbags and records and maybe even a mini fridge.

As of today, there are exactly 2 weeks left of school. I can't wait for the summer holidays to start. Most of the work outside of lessons at the moment consists or reading, which is okay because I love reading, but I've been working my way through "Brideshead Revisited" for 4 weeks and I'm finding it so dull. It's a shame because I liked all the texts we studied in English Lit last year. Have any of you read "Brideshead..."? Does it get better???


  1. Ah, the 'burbs... It's always strange to be in a place that is aesthetically and theoretically interesting, but realistically boring (although I'll admit that my ends are a bit more towards the 'urban' side of suburban) Also, if you ever do make it to London, we should deffo meet up for that coffee!

    1. That's a lovely way of putting it :') and yes, absolutely. i'm not sure what my plans are yet, but we should definitely arrange a date for coffee finally!! :) xoxo

  2. I'm loving all these suburban vibezzz (I feel like I should include "duuuude" at the end of that sentence haha.) I'm also trying to appreciate the strange beauty of the suburbs this summer (probably in an effort to try to live the Freaks and Geeks/My So-Called Life/Virgin Suicides-esque aesthetic life I always want to.) I love both of your outfits as well, the first one is definitely very "springtime vogue!"



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