Monday, 14 July 2014

there is a light that never goes out

Recently I have been adding to my bedroom to make it into a summer sanctuary for reading and writing and listening to records when I don’t feel like venturing outside. I’ve made a selection of shrine-type collections of objects with the idea of pale yellow summer mornings in mind. I think that it’s important to have things that you love in plain sight in your bedroom. It is inspiring to you’re your idols’ eyes staring back at you wherever you stand and not creepy at all (it’s kinda creepy getting changed in front of 120 pairs of eyes ://.) As my room is so personalised, it conveys a certain image (PSYCHOPATHIC SERIAL KILLER, I’m sure, because of all the images collaged around the walls) to everyone who comes into it. I kind of like that though; it makes it more special than any other room in the house. 

This first shrine is a general collection of things that I love at the moment. Kate Bush is my latest obsession and I found out yesterday that my mum has “The Whole Story” on vinyl from when she was in her twenties. The flowers are to symbolise summer and the journal is the one that I started at the beginning of August last year.

Kate Bush record, Marc Jacobs perfume bottle tops, comb from my grandma, homemade flower crown, August-December 2013 journal.

My mirror which currently says "RIOT NOT DIET."

This one is very teen culture inspired. The Smiths, James Dean and Morrissey represent feeling like an outsider; but as so many people feel that way during adolescence they have become symbolic of that period of life, with James Dean being one of the "original" teens in popular culture, after his groundbreaking role in "Rebel Without A Cause."

Grease, Tavi Gevinson and the paper fortune teller represent exaggerated teen-ness. Grease is the quintessential high school movie and Tavi is the quintessential Teen Queen. The paper fortune teller makes me think of sleepovers and entering the uknown but still needed some sort of security.

Glitter in a bottle for bottled up dreams, chain necklace for rebllion but also for feeling trapped and old sweets for nostalgia.

This one is more of a tribute to my tween self. I used to reference "The Great Big Glorious Book For Girls" ALL THE TIME and Teen Vogue was my favourite magazine. I made the little trinket box at school in Year 7 and the pink dinosaur perching on top of the book was the first thing I ever won from a 2p machine and I was ecstatic about it.

The right-hand corner of my room featuring various pictures of people I admire, old Vogue covers, "Sunflower Sutra" by Allen Ginsberg and a framed painting I did at my grandma's house.

Morrissey, Johnny Marr and James Dean above a picture I got from an Urban Outfitters zine.

My reading area feat. more pictures of my faves, 2 copies of the Complete Works of Oscar Wilde (one copy doesn't include the letters), some postcards I got in Paris last year and Little Black Jacket exhibition posters.


  1. your room is so cool and personalized! i love that all the objects mean something, like the glitter bottle


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