Wednesday, 16 July 2014

your messed-up life still thrills me

Yesterday was my dad's birthday. (And Ian Curtis' birthday but we didn't go out to dinner because of that.) This is the outfit I wore for a celebratory meal out. The weather has been so warm lately which is lovely but it means no layering :( (but I'm not letting it stop me from showing off my favourite tights.)

Hairband was a gift, sunglasses from Primark, shell necklace I bought on holiday years ago, chain necklace from Primark, bracelet from Next, top from River Island, belt from Claire's, skirt from Topshop, tights from ASOS and shoes from Rocket Dog.

I really liked wearing this outfit, but then again I tend to like my outfit whenever I'm wearing these shoes.


  1. !!! I love everything about this outfit! Especially the tights/shoes combination. It looks haphazard in the best way.

    1. Thank you! That is so lovely to hear, especially from you <3

  2. those tights are the bomb! i absolutely love this outfit, especially the sunnies too!

  3. love these tights and glasses! <3

    cute wierdoland -


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