Sunday, 31 August 2014

crazy for you baby

The summer holidays are drawing to a close but I am feeling more tired than ever. My laptop is broken at the moment so I apologise for the gap between this post and the last one. I could have put money towards a new laptop, but then I went on the American Apparel website. At least I can be well dressed, even if I have no internet/am cut off from the rest of the world.
I have not had a chance to take any more outfit photos because we're having our decking removed (RIP in peace decking) so the men working on that are in the garden where I usually take photos. Here are some photos that I have taken in the past few weeks to sum up summer and its ending.

My window from the front of the house which my mum's friends keep commenting on and the window frame painters probably had a good look at the other morning.
I decorated my sociology folder with feminist slogans, the riot grrrl manifesto, SlutWalk photos, a photo of Callie, Avalon and I at JAWs in January, Agyness Deyn, Freja and her gf, Taylor Swift, Courtney Love, Tavi and Lorde's sleepover, Kathleen Hanna, Laverne Cox and Rookie Yearbook 1. 
I took this photo right after my friend and I were followed by a field by a naked man masturbating who then stopped to talk to us, and just before the police arrived to look for him with us. It was really horrible and I haven't written about it on here yet. They still haven't found the man.
I decorated the centre of my wall with minimalist and pastel images because that is how I want to start dressing. I really like that sort of clean aesthetic.
On Friday I saw The Smyths (AND BOOKED MORRISSEY TICKETS ASYAVDWSHFUEFH) and now my Smiths obsession is back at full pelt. To celebrate I dedicated my shrine entirely to my favourite band once more.
Speaking of obsessions...Kate Bush. Has taken over my life. I went to a boot fair this morning and bought her biography.
Some records I've bought/received/acquired over the summer.
Dreamcatcher and lyrics to "Moving."
We went on a hellish coastal walk in Dorset, but there were some pretty sheep and the cows looked like massive dogs from a distance.


  1. Your sociology folder is the best! And I'm really sorry for what happened. I had an equally terrifying experience a couple of months ago and the fact that lots of people don't get how terrible these things are makes me so mad! Hope it hasn't been too scary.

    1. Thanks! I know- so many people don't realise how serious a thing it is. I'm sorry that it has happened to you too :(


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