Wednesday, 13 August 2014

i wish i had a suntan, i wish i had a pizza and a bottle of wine

Hiiii. It is now the middle of the summer and I have some things to update you on re: self promotion but also just some really great things that I've come across lately due to having the extra time to browse the ~interwebs.

- Writing blog: I've had my writing blog for a long time but last week I reverted every post to draft, redesigned the layout and created a new welcome post. I'll add the link to the sidebar of this blog soon. It's 

- Zine: Issue 5 should be finished and available to purchase here by Thursday evening. The next issue (and the final issue of this summer/year) is Eighties and Enlightenment. As usual, all submissions are welcome and it is the perfect opportunity for aspiring writers, photographers, critics, general artists to get their work published. Here are some ideas to get the creative juices ~flowing~.

- A review of your favourite '80s album/film/band
- Enlightenment through religion or spiritual belief or an epiphany moment
- Meditation
- Ways to feel enlightened
- Negatives of enlightenment e.g. lost innocence, finding out all the terrible things about the world, ignorance is bliss? etc.
- '80s fashion
- A TV show/film/band/novel that changed your life 
- Any other ideas that you have

Please comment your favourite '80s album at the end of this post (or message me on tumblr for a feature I'm going to do. It would be much appreciated. Mine is "The Queen Is Dead" by The Smiths.

- Here are some links that I have enjoyed recently and thoroughly recommend checking out: 

Lastly, can we talk about this shoot in the September issue of British Vogue?? The fairytale vibes remind me of Grace Coddington's Alice In Wonderland shoot, but it seems much darker than that. This red silk dress is perfect.

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