Sunday, 24 August 2014

sssummertime sadnesssssss

I still can't wait for Autumn so I can wear oversized coats and lots of layers, but in Autumn you can't hang out by the pool or in sun drenched parks. In Autumn you can't wear the gorgeous clothes and beachwear in the editorials below without covering them up with an aforementioned oversized coat.

My parents got me August 1997 issue of British Vogue for my birthday this year because I was born in August 1997. The "She's Electric" shoot is my favourite because it is fun and young and reminds me of Petra Collins' photography.

This photograph in particular reminds me of Petra's work; specifically the photograph also featuring a lilo below.

By Petra Collins for i-D.

I adore this shoot. I had forgotten about it until I flicked through the issue just now, but it seemed so familiar to me once I rediscovered it so I must have studied it a lot when I first bought the magazine.

This photograph reminds me of Sky Ferreira and her boyfriend. If you see me dressed similarly and sitting in a field, do not approach me because I am busy hanging out with my imaginary boyfriend

Fortunately, I do not need to mourn summer just yet, even though the weather has suddenly got a lot more autumnal. I am going to Portugal for 10 days in October so I can buy some clothes and bikinis in the summer sales to take with me.

images from either British Vogue or i-D


  1. these editorial photos are great! what a wonderful present from your parents

    1. they're so lovely <3 and i know!! i'm so lucky :')

  2. ugh, these are awesome. and as much as I love autumn, right now I'd prefer for summer to stay forever.

    1. i'm ready to start dressing for autumn but i do wish that summer could last a little longer (luckily my holiday in october will drag it out for a bit longer) xoxo


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