Thursday, 14 August 2014

you said you felt more like a boy

Bleeding Knees Club's "Virginity" EP has sort of become the soundtrack to my summer. The band capture the essence of teen so well in all of their songs in a cheesy-pop-music-let's-have-fun-we're-young kind of way. The music video for "Teenage Girls" is great in the way that each scene is shown for just a couple of seconds then we're shown another teenage girl doing things that teenage girls do, like writing in journals and painting nails. The video has a kind of Petra Collins/Rookie/Palo Alto vibe that generally comes down to a sort of caricature of adolescence; seen in the scenes of bubblegum and smoking. I think that Bleeding Knees Club would be a really fun band to hang out with in the living room, getting drunk and playing music hmu guys.

"Have Fun" has more of an Urban Outfitters/On The Road kind of vibe. I imagine that this is exactly how summer is every year when you die and go to heaven. Everything about it is so dreamily perfect. I also love the maxi skirt and top combo.


  1. Ehmagawd! Those songs/videos are basically perfection! WOW! You have a sick taste in music! They were great! xx

  2. Sooo summery!

  3. Wow, love these songs and videos so much! Such a summery vibe; urggh beautiful!!!

    1. same. they makes me wish that summer would last a lil longer!!


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