Wednesday, 24 September 2014

i don't speak italian and i don't speak moschino either

Last week Jeremy Scott was praised for making fashion fun and energetic. However, for every person who thought that Moschino's Barbie-inspired Spring 2015 collection was fun, there were at least five who hated it. After Jeremy Scott's McDonald's inspired debut for Moschino, critics and fans have been divided. Whilst Scott has a growing, loyal fan base and has been widely successful on social media, many believe his collections to be tacky and tasteless. Though you could argue that that is the point. Here's a look through Scott's work for Moschino so far, starting with last Thursday's Milan Fashion Week show.

Despite looking the accurate embodiment of Barbie, logomania is tacky enough without being placed on such a sickly shade of pink. This outfit looks like it would be worn by someone who talks non-stop about going to the gym all the time but never actually does any serious exercise once they're there.

Roller skates on a runway are a sure fire way to have the audience on edge. When Kendall Jenner struggles to even make her way down the runway in heels, it's not difficult to imagine why. This look was kind of cute but Charlotte Free's wobble at the end of the runway is so uncomfortable.

When I was 6 years old my favourite song was Steps' 5678. This look reminds me of that song. Need I say more?

Underwear as outerwear only works when Jean Paul Gaultier does it and it definitely does not work over skirt suits. It looks like something a young child would create in a doll template book. But even a child wouldn't choose such ugly, garish colours.

Slogans saying the stupidest things are everywhere at the moment, so nothing original here. I cannot think of a colour less punk than yellow. Consequently, I can't think of a worse colour for a biker jacket (except perhaps vomit green.) The belt looks like a rope used to separate swimming pool lanes.

Pink tracksuits? EW, NO. Quilted fabric? EW, NO. The shade of pink and the chain embellishments make it worse. It looks like something a character from Shameless might wear.

I HATE it when brands rip off Chanel suits in such a terrible fashion. Not only is that horrible quilted fabric repeated, but the suit looks like it is genuinely ill-fitting. It looks like a teenage fashion experiment gone wrong and not in a cool Tavi Gevinson kind of way.

However, this was not Jeremy Scott's first attempt at ruining Moschino and getting himself fired. In Fall 2014 he took just as bold a shot at it by making a collection about McDonalds his debut at a luxury Italian fashion brand. Great...

I swear Primark did a jumper like this a few years ago. Cool.

Unwearable catwalk gowns are my favourites, but these are literally so unwearable. Not to mention that if you ate crisps and cheese snacks all the time you wouldn't be able to fit into a sample size designer gown.


Remove the snapback, all the jewellery and the gold tips off the shoes and this look is passable. Here there is too much gold.

At first glance, this look is okay. Then you spot the underwear. Wear these shimmery tracksuit bottoms low enough to show off your tacky Moschino underwear. You know you want to. Even Jourdan Dunn can't make this look appear desirable.

In between these two atrocities we have Resort 2015 which was actually rather cute. Jeremy Scott said that he values first impressions more than detailed analysis. responded to this with their first impressions of this collection. Now I'm going to do the same.

1. Wow. Moschino can actually be kind of chic.

2. (Following 3 similar looks) Ripping of Chanel a bit. It does look gorgeous though.

3. Elizabeth Jane Bishop?  

4. My mum and I used to wear printed denim like this in the '90s. 

 5. Reminds me of the outfits I wear to school minus the bare stomach because that is ILLEGAL @ school.

6. I bought a shirt like this in a charity shop in the summer holidays. 

7. I'd rather have real money.

Jeremy Scott's first menswear collection was young and upbeat without being too tacky. Many of the models liked it so much that they asked if they could take the clothes home with them.

Is that what the fashion kids wear to rugby training?

The beauty of the stripe is that it can create a gorgeously minimalistic aesthetic. However, Jeremy Scott is not into gorgeous minimalism. This look comes across as clumsy and messy.

The womenswear pieces in the collection were amongst the best looks. They were fun, fresh and really wearable. Though still more high street than high fashion, there is something endearingly loveable about clothes like these.

Brown leather jackets are always a bit risky because they do not carry the same nonchalant coolness as the black leather jacket, but paired with orange trousers it looks downright disastrous.

If Cher Horowitz was a boy, this is what he would have worn in Clueless. 

So, is Jeremy Scott tapped into the minds of our consumer driven generation or is he just creating tacky collections of tacky clothes? Is he making Moschino relevant again or ruining the reputation of the brand? Where is the line drawn between tacky and iconic?


  1. Steps: 5,6,7,8! Omg I LOVED that song so much and no one understands haha :)
    Also I now cannot unsee that image of Cher Horowitz as a boy...

  2. I do speak italian, but sadly recently I don't speak Moschino.
    The fact is that when you try to appear even more in a world made of people whose main propose is to appear, you result just too too much to your audience.
    Moschino used to be a quite crazy brand but never like that!
    I think that Jeremy Scott changed the brand style too much and after three collections inspired by masterpieces like Barbie, Spongebob or McDonald I'm honestly bored.
    What is he going to create now? Sincerely, I won't be surprised so much from one Coca Cola inspired catwalk xD

    1. I completely agree! Though I am always intrigued to see what Jeremy Scott will do next.


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