Saturday, 25 October 2014

i could never bring you flowers

Hello- I hope you've all had a good week! Here are some photos from a while ago. I was inspired by Balenciaga's Resort 2015 collection and the simplistic black looks within that.It made me look really pale but I guess that creates an interesting contrast. #gothsinhotweather

Earlier this week the Meadham Kirchhoff zine arrived in the post! I emailed Ed a few weeks ago and he was really sweet and said that they still had some left and he'd send me one. It was all entirely free. The zine is really cool. My favourite pages are the "love" and "hate" ones pictured above. In general, it's awesomely punk. I'm so glad to have my own copy, as I love Meadham Kirchhoff so much. I posted a photo of the cover on Instagram, but it was taken down for violating the community guidelines. That was not very punk of you, Instagram. "Reject everything."

My house had no internet on Monday night so I read the last 50 pages of "Jane Eyre" and I adored it. I don't think that I ever truly expected it to be anything short of brilliant, but it exceeded my expectations. I really want to do a module on the Bronte's when I go to uni. I think that I prefer "Wuthering Heights" to "Jane Eyre" but I'd only ever really have to talk about that if someone asked me specifically, because they are both two of my favourites.
I'm taking lots of books with me to Portugal, but I'm hoping to read them all and I'll write briefly about them on here if they make an impression on me. I guess the reasons I liked "Jane Eyre" so much are pretty generic. Firstly, and most obviously, it is so fantastically and engagingly written. Secondly, I'm a pathetic, hopelessly romantic loser.

I wore thrifted blazer, New Look top, H&M jeans and boots. Black is a colour I always go back to because it's so flattering. It's pretty difficult to avoid wearing black at all. It's in most items because it goes with everything. Coco Chanel said that black is the best colour because it wipes out everything else. It is a powerful colour.

This is the only photo of both Ruby and I from the shoot with Antonio that I did not put in the jeans post. I hadn't actually prepared to have my photo taken, as I was just going along to assist with the lighting. I did wear jeans though, to match the vibes of the shoot. I decided to take some photos with Ruby to demonstrate that sense of solidarity that comes with wearing jeans that I wrote about in the post. We climbed over the gate to get onto the bowling green in the park. We got a few disapproving looks from old ladies walking past. The other location was the swings outside of the main play area. Some other teenagers arrived soon after we did and hung out by the baby swings opposite, talking about 10 Things I Hate About You and drinking J20.There are so many great places to shoot suburban vibey photographs where I live. It's not a particularly pretty town but we do have a castle and a river and it's very green.
In these photos I'm wearing Meadham Kirchhoff x Amazon sweatshirt, New Look belt, Topshop jeans and boots.
You can see more photos from the shoot on Antonio's website. 

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