Saturday, 11 October 2014

i dreamt of you last night and the world split into two

This week has been pretty hectic. I’m starting to realise how time-consuming my final year of school is going to be. However, I think that is partially because even the things I enjoy doing (such as blogging and writing) could actually have an effect on my future and consequently it feels like I’m working all the time. Even when I don’t have school work I’m honing my creative writing portfolio, working on the school magazine and reading books for school. I volunteered at the library again this morning and got to colour in a pair of knickers (it was to promote a performance of a play for children at a local theatre.) I’m going on an autumnal dog walk to the lake this afternoon. The trees form a canopy over the footpath and it looks very beautiful this time of year. I went on a run there last weekend and the sun was shining through the orange leaves and glittering on the lake.  

I've been dressing in black a lot lately because I'm devastated about the news that Morrissey has cancer  I like how clean and uncomplicated it looks. One of the women working at the library today was wearing really cool monochrome creepers and she said she liked my boots. I wear them far too much and the soles are wearing away but they go with everything and are so comfortable. 
Last weekend I went to the Horst exhibition at the V&A. It was truly spectacular and completely worth the £6 ticket. It was so vast, with rooms filled with Horst's early work, his projects focusing on texture and, of course, his extensive work for Vogue. Seeing it all in one place makes you realise how important fashion photography is in our understanding of an era. Vogue and the photographers who have contributed much of their life work to it have created a visual timeline of our culture. The exhibition also featured some original designer dresses created by the likes of Chanel and Schiaparelli, an original black and white video going behind the scenes at Vogue in the early 20th century and a long glass case stretching across the room, filled with old issues of Vogue.

After the exhibition whilst we were traipsing through Oxford Street looking for a place to get coffee, I spotted that Urban Outfitters now have a coffee shop inside, so we ran across the road and got chai lattes. A dash to the changing rooms with armfuls of clothes later ensued as it always does when I go to Urban Outfitters. I've been trying to save money to go to Paris this summer so I didn't actually buy any of the clothes I tried on, but aren't the dresses beautiful? I think the first one looks very poetic and the second one very Edie Sedgwick. Oh well...

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