Saturday, 18 October 2014

i spend a lot of time looking at blue

Hello! I’m writing this on Wednesday but it’s not going to be published until Saturday because I go to Portugal next weekend so I’m starting to set up a queue in advance so I don't run out of time and have a mad packing/blogging/crying panic the night before I leave. I’m excited but it’s crazy how quickly it’s come around. All I’ve done in preparation is sort out which books I’m going to take with me. I’ll have no internet access whilst I’m there. It will be nice to have a break from social media because since school has started I’ve spent so much time online. It sounds hypocritical but it will be refreshing to have a week where I can read and write without too many distractions or external influences. I’ve started properly writing poetry recently because last week I got asked three seperate times if I write poetry. That was after I was caught killing a bear with a typewriter to appease the spirit of Hemingway and slathering myself in ink in tribute to Shakespeare when I was working on my creative writing portfolio and applying for creative writing courses at uni. By “properly” writing poetry, I mean poems that I am actually comfortable with other people reading. I will upload them onto my writing blog at some point, but I am thinking of submitting them to The Mackinac so I will put off publishing them until I have found out if they made it into the magazine or not. 
I am going to try and create a mini zine featuring my Spring/Summer ’15 reviews and some other pieces before I go to Portugal. I’ll let you know when it’s completed and you can email me if you would like a PDF copy. Alternatively, I will send free paper copies to anyone who buys a paper issue of Pretty. Issue 6 of Cherry came out a couple of weeks ago. I wrote a piece about self-love for it. 

The photos in this post are from a couple of weeks ago. When I get back from Portugal I'm going to go on some wintry walks with Antonio and he's going to take some photos that I can post on here. I'm wearing New Look jacket, top and skirt, Marks and Spencers' tights and H by Henry Holland shoes.


  1. Loving your tights here, so pretty ! I wish I was confident enough with my poetry to share it online, or anywhere else really. It's always so intimidating to share writings anyways. I wish you all the luck in the world to get published, that would be amazing :) !

    1. Thank you! I do get a bit nervous about sharing my poetry. I'm reading one of my poems at my school's reward's ceremony on friday and i'm sooooo nervous!! i'd love to read some of your poetry by the way if you ever feel like sharing it, you can email me! ( x


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