Saturday, 15 November 2014

hiding from the rainfall

This morning I finished reading Tennessee Williams' memoirs. I loved them but it made me sad because I would have very much liked to write to Tennessee Williams if he was still alive. I thought that of the women I read about in "Women of the Beat Generation." It's my own fault, I suppose, for tending to read books by/about the dead. However, I am also reading "How I Live Now" at the moment and I got the chance to speak briefly to Meg Rosoff in person a couple of weeks ago. Perhaps I'll write a letter to her.

Nothing of much consequence happened this week, but last night I finally watched Kill Your Darlings, which I did enjoy though I was slightly disappointed by it. That's probably because I had wanted to see it for so long, but I didn't particularly like its portrayal of the early days of the Beat Generation. There wasn't one character that I was particularly fond of, even though Dane DeHaan is hot as Lucien Carr and Allen Ginsberg is bae. I complain but there were some great parts and I still recommend that you watch it.

Today I wore a faux fur scarf that was a gift, Primark chain necklace, thrifted dress, belt from Portugal and Rocketdog shoes. I look like I'm going out to a posh restaurant but really I just went to the library to run the arts and crafts club.
In the below outfit that I wore in Portugal, I am wearing River Island sunglasses, Republic top, dungarees that were a gift and Nike Air Force 1s.

Defacing books usually makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable, but every time I pick up my copy of "Wuthering Heights" another cluster of pages falls out so I didn't see the trouble is tearing out the page with one of my favourite passages on it and sticking it in my journal. I bought the sheet music from a charity shop, the other images on the right hand page are from Pop magazine.

From an editorial in Hunger magazine, quotes from my tumblr written onto post-it note paper, photo from Rookie meet up October 2013. Bookmark that I got when I bought a couple of books at Shakespeare & Co. in Paris last year in the summer, extract from "The Second Coming" by Yeats.

I hope you all have a good weekend! Here is some music I've been listening to lately:


  1. Awesome style and post!

  2. Wow nice outfit!
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