Saturday, 29 November 2014

world peace is none of your business


Last year, in January, when my intense love affair with The Smiths began, I doubted I'd ever get to see Morrissey live, but back then it was one of my most important life goals. Fifteen year old me would be spending today screaming and crying with excitement/emotions, but, although I'm excited, I've passed the stage where I write journal entries such as this:

I really don't know what to do. The Smiths have changed my life. Morrissey's words are beautiful and everything all goes so well. I'm so obsessed. All I could think about all day at school was listening to The Smiths as soon as I got home and I was constantly singing their songs under my breath. I just lay on my bed with all the lights out except my lava lamp and listened to them with my phone turned up as loud as possible with my earphones in, listening to "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" over and over and over.

It's sad how things such as bands, books and films that were once the centre of our universe lose their importance over time. I used to never be able to conceive never listening to Morrissey every single day. I still listen most days because I have such a large portion of his discography dominating my iPod and record and CD collection, but his music is not such an all consuming part of my life that it once was. But, when I'm "dancing and laughing and finally living I'll hear his voice in my head and think of him kindly." The weekend before writing the above journal entry I had experienced My "The Smiths" Weekend, which is what it became known as in my journal and in my mind. This is the page opposite the above entry ft. part of a crisps bag from one of the packets that my friend used to pay me back with if she borrowed money for lunch:

Since then I've read Morrissey and Marr: The Severed Alliance by Johnny Rogan, parts of Simon Goddard's Mozipedia and Songs That Saved Your Life as well as, of course, Morrissey's own Autobiography. I read the first one in a small amount of time, considering how long it is, and alongside The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde. Of course, such heavy books meant that I couldn't read them on the go, but they stayed loyally by my bedside for me to pick up each night. Similarly, with Morrissey's Autobiography I wanted to be one of the first people to finish reading it so I finished it the weekend after it was released. Lots of people have asked me what I thought about the autobiography and I always say that I loved it but the bit in the middle about The Smiths trial was drawn out and tedious. One of my favourite quotes from it is: 

"I cried for poetic language and I cried out to find those who were unafraid, this free agents, unbigoted and unshackled. I didn't want to live unseen, camouflaged within the crowd." 

The Americanisations do become annoying seeing as Morrissey is English. Morrissey is definitely better at writing songs than writing prose, but it's interesting to see what he has to say written in a different form.

I still often find myself making a cup of tea and dragging myself up to my room after a bad day to watch a Morrissey interview or 2 or 3 or 15. It took me months and months to build up the emotional strength to watch Morrissey's 1984 Earsay interview because I started watching it in around February 2013 and felt so emotionally involved in what Morrissey was saying that I had to stop watching it. I finally did during the following winter and now it's one of my favourites to watch. There's this bit where he talks about James Dean and says that he has a "poetic union" with him, "a blending of the souls, it's quite mysterious and embarrassing." I understand what he means by that when I'm watching Morrissey more than any other time. Anyone who has been obsessed with someone at some point during their adolescence knows what I mean, I hope. I've written so much about Morrissey and in one of the most recent articles I wrote of him for Pretty Issue 5, "I Can't Help Quoting You" I wrote this about this "poetic union":

I think that I really latched onto Morrissey because he seemed like a kindred spirit or, as Morrissey says himself about James Dean, we have a "poetic union", a "blending of the souls, it's quite mysterious and embarrassing." Looking to Morrissey was, and is, a way of coping with an empty social life and romantic ineptitude. He is the light that never goes out; living proof that you can get through a dismal adolescence yet still be successful and idolised in the future for channelling those feelings and experiences into his art.

I suppose that the only flaw in that is that Morrissey's life appears to continue to be somewhat dismal! It's true though, that Morrissey's music is a constant and it's the same with all art/culture. It has a level of permanence higher than other things that are much more fleeting. I've applied Morrissey lyrics to at least three boys and one girl and many a situation warrants a lamentation for a lost love with "I Know It's Over" playing softly in the background.



Taking inspiration from Tavi Gevinson's pages of Stevie Nicks lyrics, I organised the lyrics to some Smiths songs thematically. Words related to time and light and dark are two of the most frequently used. 

Here are more random Morrissey related pages from various journals I've filled since January last year:

Last night I went to see a local production of "Cabaret." It was really well done and some of the 1920s style outfits were gorgeous, even if they did look very much like fancy dress. The photos from last weekend's fun fair will hopefully be posted next weekend because Antonio's still waiting for his laptop to be repaired.

This is what I wore today:

Jumper from A Stitch to Wear, necklaces from Primark, gift from Sicily and DIY'd, jeans and brogues from Topshop. 

Here are some of my favourite photos/gifs of Morrissey:

One of the best Smiths concerts in full:

Here are some of the posts/articles I've written about Morrissey:

Obsession Confession: The Smiths for fabfem:

In Moz We Trust from Pretty Issue 1

I Can't Help Quoting You from Pretty Issue 5

If you've been reading my blog for some time you've probably noticed that I mention Morrissey at some point in most posts anyway.

Well, I'm gonna go and listen to "World Peace Is None of Your Business" on vinyl once more before I leave. I'll probably write about the concert in depth on my tumblr tomorrow. I hope you have a good weekend.

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  1. I was casually about to add a cute comment about how your band art journals reflect my current lifestyle but then your "we can hang out and bake vegan cupcakes and drink tea and listen to sixties records" tagline thing came up and I just swooned and decided I want to be friends with you. *clinks viral tea cup* cheers.

    1. *clinks viral tea cup right back at ya* now we're friends forever xx

  2. This is post is beautiful! I really wanted to go but I hurt my foot; I hope you have a really great time. I love your journal entries, I categorise song lyrics too! (also inpsired by Tavi) I love Morrissey and I love The Smiths with all my heart. It's so hard to describe how much a certain musician means to you but you've done it beautifully

    Have a great time


    1. That's such a shame about your foot :(( I hope that it's better now. Thank you xx

  3. I envy you! I've never had such a huge crush on a brand. I wonder how it would've influenced my life, I've always been into dozens of bands at the same time. Hope you had fun at the concert!


    1. loving a band so thoroughly is wonderful but also kind of sad and painful (?) especially if the band split up 25 years ago! i'm into much more music now than i was a couple of years ago, but the smiths will always be special to me. thank you! it was phenomenal xx

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  5. I find this... highly relatable.

    You're very interesting.


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