Saturday, 27 December 2014

don't let her face be skinned by the sun today

This is the outfit I wore last Sunday. The hairband was a gift, the earrings are from Miss Selfridge, the dress is from Rare, the shirt is from Topshop and the creepers are from Happy (belated) Christmas to you all! I got "The Dreaming" by Kate Bush on vinyl (my main present was Morrissey tickets) and I can't stop listening to it. I also got the Rookie yearbook, a skirt from American Apparel, a top from American Apparel, Not That Kind of Girl, false eyelashes, slipper socks, chocolates and everything I wanted. 

Basically a collection of stuff that I need to put away somewhere. Some of my zines, the Meadham Kirchhoff zine, a Beat Generation zine I got from a boot fair in the summer, the journal I started last week with some quotes in it, some of my mum's old film cameras that I need to get some film for, a cherry flavoured candle I got for Christmas, a shoe that's too small for me and I need to get rid of. And below, a Morrissey postcard I got from the concert last month, The Bell Jar (which I haven't read yet), Not That Kind of Girl, a book about the meaning of dreams, socks with penguins on them and 50 things to do once in a lifetime cards.

As it's the end of the year I thought I'd get out all my journals from 2014. So here they are. Three doesn't seem like much as I usually fill up four or five in a year, but I think that's just because the middle one has lots of pages. I started the brown one at the end of 2013. I decorated it with Morrissey, George Harrison and Bright Eyes lyrics, a Virginia Woolf quote and an extract from an Allen Ginsberg poem. The next one I started in April and only finished last week. It's decorated with torn up tickets, photographs and magazine shoots that I collected during the time that I kept it. I only started the last one this month. I ordered it from Etsy last year. I want to get some lace to decorate it with. So far it is mostly filled with quotes as well as a collage and a poem.

I never showed you some pages from this year so here are a few.

I made this after watching "Kill Your Darlings.". The writing on the right is Yeats' "The Second Coming."   

This one's about this split identity that I feel hangs over me all the time. That sounds very mysterious and embarrassing, but on the left is the deep, literary side to me and on the right is the narcissistic fashion obsessed side to me. I've found it difficult to create a way for both of those to coexist but after identity crisis after identity crisis I told my counsellor in my last session with her 4 months ago that I'd realised that I could be a romantic, sensitive, introspective poet and a narcissistic fashion freak at the same time and that's okay. Both come with their pros and cons, but I'm going into 2015 sure that I fit into both somewhere and that's fabulous.

My Christmas wasn't too intense this year as I only had my grandparents round. This evening Antonio's mum is having a party and tomorrow night my parents are having party so it's gonna be CRAZY. I still have a LOT of outfit posts planned as I have taken photos nearly everyday since Christmas break started.

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Merry Christmas (to those who celebrate). How many of you are still in your PJs tinkering with your holiday loot? Or maybe flipping through magazines, blog feeds whatever while sipping that last bit of egg nog? Well, today is the big day. What's next New Year? Now is the time to reflect on giving, gratitude and also what worked for us this year, and what didn't work so much. Take it easy today... luckily there is a fantastic roundup this week to feed your inner muse!

Links à la Mode: December 25th

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Hope you are having a great Christmas season!


  1. I love your outfit, and those journals look amazing.This may come off as creepy but I'd love to photograph you someday haha

    1. Thank you! No, that's not creepy at all haha :) would be really fun. You can email me ( if you'd like to arrange a shoot some time this year xx


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