Saturday, 13 December 2014

i wear black on the outside because black is how i feel on the inside

December has rushed by so quickly. I'm trying to feel christmassy but I've got an essay to hand in and an essay to write in class next week and I've heard that you're not allowed to hum Christmas carols under your breath during a timed essay under exam conditions. Also, the weather has suddenly got really, really cold. I don't think we'll get snow this year, just rain, but it's still difficult to dress for.

Wearing one of my favourite jumpers last week. I wear this jumper way too much and everyone must assume that it's because I love everything christmassy and wintry, but it's actually because it's the only black jumper I own. I'm still pleading my fairy godmother to buy me this Rick Owens one. It's so cold now that anything less than a jumper leads to spending the day shivering and regretting not wearing a jumper.

I always wear sparkly knee high socks when I want to add an extra kick to an outfit. I wore them over tights so that my legs weren't too cold. They look kind of school uniformy; an aesthetic that I can only appreciate now that I no longer have to wear a school uniform.

Besides that Rick Owens jumper, I also love this one by Bella Freud and Helmut Lang's. I think it's relevant to repeat what I wrote about black in this post in October:
Black is a colour I always go back to because it's so flattering. It's pretty difficult to avoid wearing black at all. It's in most items because it goes with everything. Coco Chanel said that black is the best colour because it wipes out everything else. It is a powerful colour.
I was just going to add some of my favourite high street black jumpers next, but some of the Topshop jumpers were such close copies of the jumpers I mentioned above that I couldn't not place them alongside each other:

£42, Topshop

Bella Freud, Topshop

Helmut Lang, Topshop

American Apparel, £62
Would look great as part of a preppy look over the top of a shirt and a pair of cigarette trousers.

ASOS, £22
Very sixties. 

Last night I watched possibly the most hauntingly creepy film I have ever seen. The Innocents is a black and white horror film from 1961, but it features some beautiful shots and terrifying music as well as singing children, unexpected ghosts and a creaky old house. What else could you want from a film?

Finally, some music I've been listening to lately is all on my latest 8tracks playlist if you'd like to listen. I hope that you have a good weekend!


  1. That 60's movie you mentioned looks very creepy indeed, i'm gonna have to find it and watch it asap ! Good luck with your essays !

    Charlie xx

    1. It is and definitely worth a watch! Thank you xx


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