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The Good, The Bad and the People Who Don't Look Like Models

A lot has happened in fashion this year. I've rounded up some of fashion's biggest headlines of 2014 and made some hopeful "resolutions" about the direction that I hope the industry will take in 2015.

Feminism march at Chanel 

When I first heard about this I was so pleased because it opened up a conversation about feminism. However, the more I thought about it, the more problematic it seemed. Karl is NOT a feminist and has openly made anti-feminist statements in the past. Clearly he was just taking an important political movement that had been in the media a lot lately and commercialising it to make more money to buy pies I suppose. Yes, we all saw that muffin top of yours at the end of the Metiers d'Arts collection, Karl. I want to love Chanel, but I feel as though Karl has sort of dragged the brand through the gutter in 2014; using only mainstream model celebrities, insensitively commercialising feminism and protest in general and creating masses of outfits for each collection so that we don't notice how poor overall the collections are becoming. The sets for the shows have all been fabulous though; from a supermarket inside the Grand Palais to a Chanel logo shaped island off Dubai. It's not all bad and bleak, but for a brand as prestigious as Chanel, I think it could be doing better.

2015 Resolution: Karl to avoid commercialising political messages and make the clothes he designs for Chanel on the same level as the ones he designs for Fendi 

Rihanna at the CFDAs

Rihanna's iconic outfit for picking up the Style Icon Award at the CFDAs back in June was definitely one of the highlights of celebrity fashion this year. Rihanna has such a versatile style and proved with this look that she was absolutely deserving of the award that she picked up and spoke eloquently about.

2015 Resolution: For Rihanna to keep killing it and everyone to start wearing sheer glittery tops #freethenipple

Nicholas Ghesquiere's debut Louis Vuitton collection

Nicholas Ghesquiere got off to a fabulous sixties inspired start with the Fall 2014 Louis Vuitton collection. The Spring 2015 collection took a similar approach with lots of cute micro minis and an aura of elegance about every outfit.

2015 Resolution: For Nicholas Ghesquiere to keep pleasing our eyes with cute and glamorous Louis Vuitton collections. 

Kendull Jenner bought her way onto the runway

Kendull made her New York Fashion Week debut on the Marc Jacobs runway back in February. Since then she has gone from strength to strength, appearing on the cover of Dazed and Confused and closing for Chanel's Metier d'Arts collection alongside Cara Delevingne.

2015 Resolution: Boycott celebrities becoming models

Cara continued to be the centre of attention at Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld clearly sees something in Cara that most of the rest of us do not. Although she just seems to be becoming plainer and less professional, Karl continues to cast her in campaigns and for opening and closing Chanel shows.

2015 Resolution: Get Chanel to cast fresher models in their campaigns and shows

Jeremy Scott at Moschino

From McDonald's to Barbie, 2014 for Jeremy Scott as Moschino was, um, eventful. I wrote about it here.

2015 Resolution: Get Jeremy Scott fired from Moschino 

Gemma Ward's comeback at Prada

Gemma Ward's modelling comeback was greatly anticipated. Honestly, I was kind of disappointed. Although opened for Prada is a flawless comeback, I didn't really like the outfit she was wearing and she has lost the baby face features she had back in 2007. However, I do love her photographs from the Prada campaign and I hope to see much more of her in 2015.

2015 Resolution: Gemma Ward to walk for Alexander McQueen

Magdalena at Victoria's Secret

Although Magdalena didn't do many shows in 2014, she did walk for Victoria's Secret. Her walk, face and body absolutely slayed. If anything, she showed up all the overly commercial VS angels like Candice. Such a queen.

2015 Resolution: Get Magdalena to walk in more shows


Apparently the most googled fashion word of the year, normcore became huge in 2014. Although I loved the concept initially at the end of the summer and into autumn, it is getting old now. Fashion is about artful self expression and there's only so much that can be expressed with the same white t-shirt and ripped jeans as the person next to you. That't not to say that good quality minimalism is to be frowned upon, just that there's a difference between that and using normcore as an excuse to be lazy.  

2015 Resolution: Less ripped jeans and more art

Rumours of Meadham Kirchhoff closing down

There have been rumours of Meadham Kirchhoff closing down, which Ed and Benjamin have now firmly denied. It would be so sad if they do because the industry really needs their kind of creativity at the moment. However, it is not surprising that the brand lack money due to lack of money. Sadly it happens to far too many young designers. Meadham Kirchhoff's audience is teenagers, but most teenage fans of the brand cannot afford to buy the clothes. If they made the prices slightly cheaper they would sell a lot more. I would pay a decent amount of money for Meadham Kirchhoff clothes, but not as much as they currently cost. 

2015 Resolution: Meadham Kirchhoff to make their clothes cheaper

Happy new years eve everyone! I hope you drink lots of expensive champagne and greet the new year in bed with a model. 2015 is going to be a great year. I can tell. 


  1. Getting Jeremy Scott fired from Moschino is a must! Love this list.

    xx, Amelie

    P.S. Have an amazing New Year!

  2. thank god I'm not the only one that's sick of cara...
    this list is great :)

    1. ugh no i hate her new topshop campaign too :( it's just really dull. perhaps she's a fantastic actress and should try that instead because her modelling is getting boorrring. thank you :) xx


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