Wednesday, 24 December 2014

the twelve days of christmas in style

Happy Christmas Eve! I've hardly started thinking about what I'm going to wear over the rest of the festive season, but here is some inspiration for the next 12 days; tomorrow, the intermittent parties, family gatherings and the new year itself. Merry Christmas!

25th December

It has to be red on the day itself. It's classic and simple. The more sparkles and faux fur the better. If there was every an excuse to go all out, it's Christmas Day. So, if you have a dark red couture gown collecting dust at the back of your wardrobe, GET IT OUT. Some people say that they wear their pyjamas all day on Christmas Day and, each to their own, but I usually screw up my face at those people because who wouldn't want an excuse to get dressed up and look snazzy?

26th December

It's best to go for something that's comfy and warm Boxing Day whilst you nurse your hangover and/or food baby. Keep it smart and stylish though because it's likely that family will pop round again on the 26th, so it's basically like a repeat of Christmas Day without so many presents.

27th December

The 27th is when it starts to get back to normal. Maybe you'll feel like taking a wintry walk? If you have a white Christmas, I'm jealous. I'll probably have to take wellies and an umbrella on a December walk where I live. If it's dry or snowing though, you can't go wrong with an oversized faux fur coat and fluffy jumper.

28th December

If you're having a party or another family gathering between Christmas and New Year, go for something simple and sophisticated like a little black dress. Make it more seasonal by adding elegant, subtle glittery eye makeup.

29th December

Jumpers and chunky boots are a classic winter ensemble as they are both warm and comfortable. Perfect for sitting round counting your Christmas money and finishing off the remaining mince pies.

30th December

Wearing a cute mini dress with ankle boots makes it more weather appropriate. Neutrals mixed with bursts of bright colour make a difference from plain wintry monochrome and grey.

31st December

Start the New Year as you mean to go on in head-to-toe shimmering gold. New Year's Eve is the perfect reason to steal all the attention and wear a striking gold embellished mini dress. Wearing something you feel happy and confident in on New Year's Eve will make sure that you start 2015 with a bang.

1st January

ALC Pre-Fall 2015

New Year's is about a fresh, new slate, so some of the next few looks are in clean, sharp monochrome. The colour palette that I want to dominate my wardrobe in 2015 consists of lots of monochrome, pastels and metallics. Staple, fitted pieces like a white shirt, black trousers, little black dress and black boots are timeless and well worth investing in.

2nd January

Adam Lippes Pre-Fall 2015

3rd January

Alexander Lewis Pre-Fall 2015

If you have another family gathering after the New Year, opt for something smart and chic. Vintage pastels and dainty heels are perfect for this. Stagger your extended family with the smart, well-groomed 2015 version of you.

4th January

Boss Pre-Fall 2015

5th January

5th January is back to work/school for many, so here are some more office appropriate styles. Polonecks will carry themselves through the rest of the winter. I'm sure. Crisp cotton shirts and chunky heeled boots are a must also.

And with that, I again with you a very Merry Christmas! I hope that you each have an absolutely perfect day tomorrow and get everything that you've been wishing for. 

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