Wednesday, 3 December 2014

this week in fashion

On Monday night John Galliano presented Anna Wintour with the Outstanding Achievement award at the British Fashion Awards. Anna gracefully accepted the award, her voice wobbling emotionally as she made her speech. It was touching to see a woman, who has a reputation for being icy and who always seems so strong, be moved almost to tears when receiving such prestigious recognition of her life's work. Wintour talked of how she could not do what she does without the young talent that is constantly coming out of London. Christopher Bailey and Mary Katrantzou were just a couple of the many famous London fashion creatives in the audience. Though mainly a celebration of the older generation, there was definitely an inspiring emphasis on youth at the BFAs. This was one of John Galliano's most public appearances since he made the infamous anti-semitic remarks in 2011. Unlike Anna, I've never been a particular fan of Galliano. Putting him back in such an influential position condones being drunkenly racist. There are plenty of visionary new young designers to fill Galliano's role within the industry. Wintour even acknowledged all the fresh London talent in her acceptance speech. It comes back to whether you can like the art whilst disliking the artists but, though many would disagree with me, I never thought Galliano's brilliance was irreplaceable anyway. On a positive note, Emma Watson is killing it this year and she beat Alexa Chung for the British Style Icon award, making her big 2014 news under the headlines of both fashion and feminism. Overall, it was a fantastic night to kickstart this fashion filled week and a reminder as to why the fashion industry and the creators within it make the world a more beautiful place. With so much fashion royalty present, it's difficult to decide who was the best dressed, but here are the people who I think looked flawless:
Joan Smalls
Karlie Kloss
Courtney Love and Lana Del Rey
Naomi Campbell
Tom Ford and Rita Ora
Suki Waterhouse
Susie Lau
Kate Moss
Alexa Chung
Victoria's Secret
The angels arrived in London on Sunday in an exclusive jet; posing for photographs instantaneously and filling Instagram feeds with a constant stream of dreamy photos for the next few days. I don't particularly care for Victoria's Secret, but the angels are so aspirational. I was surprised by the extent that Victoria's Secret coverage overshadowed Chanel. Perhaps due to the famous faces such as Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and Ed Sheeran giving performances. However, I did not think that they benefitted the show; especially with the singers walking onto the runway or getting in the way of the models. Honestly, the only performer who would have made the show really strong would be Beyonce. The show is first and foremost about the angels, well it's about the lingerie, but the models are usually more interesting. Magdalena slayed as usual and I died a little inside when I saw how amazing she looked. Although I was not a fan of her uber cutesy blonde hair look, I have to seriously admire Karlie Kloss for attending the British Fashion Awards after a busy day around London with the rest of the angels to present Cara Delevigne with Model of the Year, then going to the gym at midnight for a final session with her personal trainer before the VS show the next day. That's the kind of dedication and motivation I aspire to have in my life.
Chanel Métiers d'Arts 
Clashing with Victoria's Secret, the Chanel Métiers d'Arts show initially went almost unnoticed on social media. In between seasons Lagerfeld never goes as far as the main shows, so no private islands of tremendous ice sculptures. Of course Cara Delevigne and Pharell Williams appeared in a promotional film for the collection, but I found that kind of sickening. It feels as though Lagerfeld is desperately trying to find new ways to Chanel relevant, but he doesn't need overly famous models and mainstream pop singers to do that. Chanel always will be relevant because it is Chanel. The likes of Cara, Pharell and Kendull make the brand seem tacky and more fast fashion than high fashion, without the accessible price tags. Many a recent Chanel collection has left me with a disappointed taste. There are always a handful of chic looks, but that's it. I could select 8 from 88 that are really amazing. the rest of it was too "meh" for Chanel. Also, Karl, you can't keep on insulting fat people if you're putting on weight yourself huh. 
I hope you have a good rest of the week and that is just as fashionable as the first half has been xoxo

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