Saturday, 10 January 2015

cloudless everyday you fall upon my waking eyes

Wearing: ilovestonefox sunglasses, Topshop chokers, pearls from Primark and Siciliy, homemade necklace, Forever 21 top, New Look blazer, thrifted jacket, various bangles, Topshop trousers, boots. 

I've been inspired by the number of responses to Wednesday's post. It took me back to when I started this blog, not only because of the sense of community, but because I was writing about the sort of fashion that made me want to be a part of something; so much so that I felt compelled to start sharing my outfits and thoughts with the internet. I find that it is the kind of fashion that is like a lens into the world; whether real or imaginary. Consequently, today's outfit was inspired by Iris Apfel. I love how Iris always accessorises with chunky necklaces and bangles. I've also been thinking about Adele's post on Meadham Kirchhoff and accessories. Adele responded to my comment suggesting I wear both my Topshop chokers that I got for Christmas at the same time but at different lengths so I did that today. I always forget to add jewellery and find it time consuming to clasp on several chokers and/or necklaces but it is worth it for the final result. I need to start using clothes to express myself more often. I find relief in wearing an outfit that I feel somehow relates to me, my current feelings and inspirations. I like to wear clothes that tell a story, even if- especially when- no one else truly knows what that story is.

On Thursday I was lucky enough to get a free haircut and style at Vidal Sassoon. When I was in London on the 2nd I was scouted and I'll be going back again before March for another free cut and style. It was a wonderful experience and I'm really happy with the way my hair looks now. "I do maintain that if your hair is wrong, you entire life is wrong"- Morrissey. I never realised what a scientific and mathematical process professional hair styling was, so that aspect was really eye-opening. Of course, however, that did not detract from the art of the cut. Before beginning, Quentin (the stylist who did my hair) wrote all the words to describe the look he was aiming for onto the mirror in front of me and set to work to make his imagination reality. I feel like a fairytale character or a china doll with this new hairstyle. I just wish that I could go back everyday so I never have a bad hair day again...On Thursday evening Antonio took these photographs of me to capture the style straight away when it had been slightly windswept but I had not yet gone to bed. They are inspired by Petra's Collins' She Woke Up Like This: Tavi Gevinson photographs from The Cut's Pretty Hurts series.


  1. your hair looks amazing and I've been lusting after those sunglasses for what feels like forever! you got this outfit spot on because at first glance iris came to my mind (its those bangles!!) and then you went on to say it was inspired by her aw! those boots are killer. xx

  2. Those photos are wonderful and your hair is utterly beautiful (and of course your style is on point, as ever) :)

  3. You look just like Edith from Downton Abbey with this hairstyle! It's so cute on you and really frames your face well. I can't wait to see what your next cut and style will look like. I'm loving the arm candy in your first outfit :)

    Theatricality by Mariah

    1. thank you! me too, i'm really looking forward to it :) xx

  4. I love your sunglasses - they are so incredibly cool! And I love that you made a Petra-inspired shoot!


  5. I love your hair!


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