Saturday, 17 January 2015

i love the passing of time

I've been obsessed with details lately; patterns, materials, minute embellishments. Nuanced subtleties that make up some larger piece or idea. There is always so much going on that it never seems productive to stare at something until each component making it what it is separates itself in your mind and in your eyes. Luckily do it for us as far as our sartorial concerns over delicately detailed high fashion collections go. I do think it's important to find time to look closely at the sky and the trees too; to notice the little things that we overlook day to day. The same thing goes with noticing small habits and affectations that we and the people around us have. In these photographs I initially wanted some pretty angles of my clothes and I hoped that my nails wouldn't feature in any of them because I painted them last weekend and now they're all chipped, but as I was taking the photos I realised that what I wanted to capture was all the details, not just the most aesthetically pleasing ones (not my face though- I've been revising for mocks and I look like I'm on hard drugs even though I've been living off left over Christmas chocolates and green tea.)

I've been thinking a lot about Petra Collins' "She Woke Up Like This" series for The Cut. Over the past six months I've come to look at photographs of me not as "good" or "bad", "pretty" or "ugly", "thin" or "fat", but just as photos of me. People I hang out with see me from all different angles so why shouldn't photographs represent that?  It's a difficult concept to come to terms with, no less because I've been buying fashion magazines that promote an ideal notion of beauty for the past five years.  Having Antonio photograph me has helped a lot with this process because his inspiration recently has mostly been about capturing people in their natural environment and how they would naturally be looking and acting. Though I really enjoyed the shoot we did for my zine last summer, which was something completely different, it is easier to come to terms with real life when you turn it into art.

I was thinking about how much my American Apparel poloneck crop looks cosmic and how I was obsessed with stars and space this time last year. Coincidently today is the exact day a year ago that I posted about it.

Beautiful Fashion Details

Yohji Yamamoto Autumn/Winter 2014

Dior Couture Fall 2007

Maison Martin Margiela Couture Fall 2013

Marchesa Spring/Summer 2015

See also...patterns at Burberry Fall 2015 menswear, embellishment details at Maison Martin Margiela Spring 2015 couture.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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