Saturday, 24 January 2015

you make me feel like i am home again

Hi! These are random photos I've taken recently. They're mostly cropped outfit photos because the outfits weren't really interesting or cohesive enough to post. My face is consistently settled in its default cold as January bitch-face pose because moving it would take energy. 
It's weird looking at photos of my hair before I got it cut. The change isn't too radical but I've got so used to my hair being shorter now. I managed to take the picture below after school because it’s finally getting lighter. The sky is still dark grey so the photos end up looking less polished than if they were taken in brighter weather. It was sunnier today and it made such a difference to my mood. It’s been so cold this week, but only snowed for approximately 3 minutes. Below I’m wearing a jumper and shoes from Topshop and skirt from River Island. 

I've been reading Off The Road and thinking a lot about correspondence before the internet. I've sent and received quite a few letters over the past 3 years, but after two or three they always seem to stop because email/instant messaging is so much easier and I usually put any deeper thoughts directly into my journal. Here are the letters I've collected over the years:

I've recently been listening to The Strokes and really appreciate their short, upbeat tracks that make me dream of being in New York.

Antonio and I made these charms the year before last, but I still haven't got round to finding chains for them.

I LOVE the jackets at Givenchy Spring 2015 menswear. I'm not usually a fan of Aztec-style prints, but I don't care because here it looks so cool.
The print also reminds me of rugs or cushions, which ties in with an article I read in Vogue earlier this week. The head buyer for Joseph suggests that, "these homely patterns are an extension of fashion's 'normal' moment, with its focus on comfort and ease." I definitely feel closer to all things homely and more nostalgic generally during the winter months so this trend completely fits with my current mood. However, the bright shades of the Givenchy jackets add a splash of colour to grey landscapes. I would really like to get a bright patterned jacket for Spring.

I haven't listened to the 1975 much at all. I guess I was pretty snobby about disliking them just because I thought they seemed like psuedo-hipter assholes, but my friend showed me the video for "Robbers" yesterday and the video gave me goosebumps + a ton of wardrobe envy. Plus, I do love a good song about crime. 

That's all. I hope you had a good week!


  1. I love your posts Sophie!! The outfits are amazing & I wish I collected my letters now too <3

  2. I absolutely love the video for Robbers! The whole thing is just so beautifully done. I've nominated you for the Liebster Award, here's the link: Have a nice day! -- Shay


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