Saturday, 7 February 2015


So I'm crawling through winter, trying to put together original outfits in the cold, but I read a Vogue piece on denim last night so decided to experiment. I think that adding striking materials such as faux fur and leather adds a notion of luxury to an otherwise stereotypically utilitarian outfit (see Burberry and Fendi Spring 2015.) Now I own several pairs of jeans (this time last year I owned zero but went through a phase in the summer where they were all I bought) I have lots of opportunities to mix up how I wear denim. I have a feeling I'll wear denim a lot more because we're not meant to wear it at school so I'll make the most of it at weekends. 

I've hardly worn this shirt since I bought it from a charity shop some months ago. It's the first time it's appeared on this blog. The shape and pattern can make it look slightly frumpy with some clothing combinations, but it works like a dream paired with more denim. It is also three sizes too big so it’s super comfy. It will probably look better with a pencil skirt or something instead of my belt that’s too big for me. 

Jacket- H&M
Faux fur collar- from a denim jacket originally from Jane Norman
Shirt- thrifted
Belt- New Look
Jeans- Topshop

I like bright blue denim because it seems much more alive than a dull wash. Dark colours are so abundant in winter and sometimes dressing in bright shades makes me feel more positive and I look pale enough this time of year anyway. I hope this shade of blue brings out the colour in my eyes or something cliché like that.

I wore this today where I stayed at home and relaxed- I haven’t been doing much lately but the spare time’s been cathartic. I finished reading Off The Road by Carolyn Cassady this morning. Then I drove my family to the park to take my dog on a walk. I’m going for coffee with my cousin this afternoon.

Sorry for the short post. Thank you for reading and I hope you have a good weekend!


  1. sophie this is my favourite outfit of yours ever!! i love the faux fur collar, and the ripped denim. xx

  2. i love this outfit! i have those jeans and they are so versatile and comfy and overall excellent i love how you've styled them here. (those boots omg)

  3. Loving the boots and shirt ! I have been getting into jeans lately also, and they're so versatile and most importantly they're really comfortable haha !

    Charlie xx


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