Saturday, 27 June 2015

enchanted summer

I want this summer to be enchanted. This means lots of walks and books and evenings watching the sunset. I finished reading "Rebecca" by Daphne de Maurier yesterday afternoon and it was slow to begin with but so haunting and mysterious that I could hardly put it down. I'm now reading "Emma" as my goal this year is to read as many classics as I can written by women (if you have any recommendations please leave them in the comments below) because my degree course will probably be dominated by male writers; not purposefully but there are more books written by men than women so it is likely that it will be. Also, I wrote a lot about feminism and literature in my personal statement before realising that nearly all my favourite books were written by men. 

1. Abbey Lee Kershaw in Vogue, 2. Flint by Antonio, 3. tumblr, 4. Lorde in Dazed and Confused, 5. Declan by Antonio, 6. Rookie, 7. Naomi Campbell, 8. Nadja Bender in Muse, 9. Gemma Ward in Pop, 10. Kirsten Dunst, 11. Elle Fanning for Rodarte, 12. The Beatles, 13. Heathers, 14. Prada lookbook Spring 2008

Yesterday I went on a 12 mile walk. On Thursday I went to the park and lay down on the grass. I read and wrote, lying on my front and feeling my heart beating against the earth. I spent the school year studying poems that revered nature in English Lit and now I'm really understanding what all the poets from 500 years ago were on to. I've been putting off tidying my room and starting my zine because I love being outside so much at the moment. Being in the sun makes me feel so content, despite the fact I've got sunburnt twice already. I don't mind spending time by myself this summer. It gives me time to think and feel and read and write, especially when I'm outside and with nature. 

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