Friday, 19 June 2015

every skyline was like a kiss upon the lips


1. I'm back! That was the longest break I've ever had from this blog since I started it. It's given me time to step back and really think about what I want to get out of it. It has also allowed me to focus on creating things just for me and I have been journalling a lot. Looking back, it seems as though I spent the last 3 months in a dark hole of endless revision, comfort eating and crying, but it hasn't all been that bad. I have finished school FOREVER, gone on lots of walks, spent too much time dancing round my room, seen a Smiths tribute gig, watched all of Mad Men, read lots of books, watched some amazing films, gone to an Elvis exhibition, been to The Globe, got highlights, gone to the beach, gone for breakfast with friends, listened to "How Big How Blue How Beautiful" around 273843862 times and finally watched the last episode of Freaks and Geeks on my last day of school.

2. I have a good feeling about the summer. I gave up so much for exams, but having worked so hard I can appreciate this time so much more.

3. I want this summer to be enchanted. This vibe is inspired by Antonio's photographs of Declan, Alice In Wonderland and my A-level English course on pastoral literature. I've also been inspired by Lily-Rose Depp. Isn't she an absolute BABE??

4. After my last exam yesterday I got the bus to Brighton with a friend. I couldn't believe how perfect and surreal it was when we got there. I have tried not to long too much for a utopian summer because I know that there will be days where I just sit in my room feeling sad and bored and angry at the sun, but yesterday it felt as though we had made it and we were in paradise. As we walked along the pier they started playing "Mr Brightside" and I nearly CRIED.

Sunglasses- thrifted
Jacket- thrifted
Dress- Primark
Socks- Topshop
Shoes- River Island

I have a few plans for the summer but I've also been trying to plan how to spend days when I have nothing to do and the heat seems oppressive.

1. Read read read
2. Write everyday
3. Work towards my goals
4. Take more photos
5. Stay up late
6. Spend time with nature

Throughout revision I dressed mostly in comfy clothes, but in the last term of school I tried to dress as obnoxiously outrageous as possible. The basics were SHOCKED some days. I felt like Tavi circa 2009. I didn't take photos but I saved some of them on my phone and will post them on here soon.

From my journal this morning:

"I HAVE FINISHED MY EXAMS. Time to forget about failure, forget about winter, forget about all that is undesirable. Yesterday really was as dreamy as I imagined it would be, even though we got attacked by seagulls (it was ALL WHIRLWIND, HEAT & FLASH.) The bus journey back was so nice; watching the sky turn from shepherds' delight to fluffy lilac to black treacle. As I drifted off to sleep I thought of the quotation in "Brideshead" that was stuck on the fridge last week, "These memories, which are my life, for we possess nothing certainly except the past." Today I'm going to picnic in the park with Emily. It's all HAPPENING. Time to make enchanted summer memories: GO GO GO!!!"

Happy summertime everyone! I will post again very soon. 


  1. Your outfit is amazing, I especially love the glasses and the dress.

    x Inés

  2. now this is a look! i love ur coat, its amazing <3


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