Saturday, 20 June 2015

girls can do anything (pretty zine)

I am so excited to get started with my zine again this summer. This year there will be more contributors than ever before and I'm thinking of moving it onto an online platform after summer. It's still only an idea but I won't have the same resources for this blog when I go to uni in the autumn so it will be easier to run a zine with a regular staff. For now, though, Pretty zine will be the same as always. The themes for this summer are:

HOME & HEARTACHE (September)

Forever: without ever ending, eternally
The concept of forever trickles through adolescence more than it does at any other time. Think friends forever, forever young, I’ll love you forever, Charlie in The Perks of Being a Wallflower feeling infinite as they drive through the tunnel. What forever means is subjective and this theme is open to interpretation. It's about feeling as though nothing is ever going to change; about what makes you feel “infinite”; how the idea of forever can be frightening in its immensity. Icons who are dead but who seem to be immortal e.g. Elvis, Marilyn Monroe etc. Long summers stuck in a small town/your bedroom that seem to drag on forever. 

(zines from last summer in my room)

Feminism:  the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men
What is feminism to you? We’re looking for submissions relating to personal experiences and realisations as well as feminist interpretations of books/music/films and specifically pieces on intersectional feminism and black feminism. This issue will focus primarily on the empowering aspects of feminism, female friendships, successful women etc. but submissions on body image/catcalling/rape culture and reasons why you believe feminism is important are also welcome. 

Submissions for the first issue MUST BE submitted by 15th July. 

(page from my journal)

Here are some more ideas of what forever means and you can pull some ideas from here:
teenage bedrooms
love letters
strange magic
being sad about forever coming to an end
big moments
yellow light
walking for hours
deep conversations
certain places you will always associate with a certain time
songs you will always associate with a certain time
old journals
starry nights
hanging out with friends for hours because none of you want to leave
wanting certain moments to last forever
desperately trying to crystallise all of forever
making the summer drag on less
school days being the happiest or worst days of your life
remembering your first year of secondary/high school/sixth form
first kisses/first dates
films that mean something special to you
bands that get/got you through adolescence
walking round town
staying up all night
nights that seem to go on forever
teen parties
school dances
freaks and geeks
hanging out
sneaking out
summer love
falling in love with your first favourite band
teen love
last day of school
sofia coppola
pressure to live forever in a certain way
the 27 club
promise rings
names carved into trees

Ideas for feminism:
feminist books/films/music
powerful women
women fighting stereotypes
women unashamedly embracing femininity
frida kahlo
female artists
bikini kill
body image
chanel ss15
chimamanda ngozi adichie 
pj harvey
feminism and social media
what feminism means to you
the male gaze
your first feminist actions
meadham kirchhoff
pressure to be perfect
"boys will be boys"
street harassment
journal entries
breaking the gender binary
loving your body
taking a stand
teenage girls

Submissions can be in any format: articles, short stories, poems, photography, journals, artwork, sketches etc. 

(my mirror at the beginning of last summer)

I am also planning on doing some pieces where a number of people submit their experiences of something, such as a song you associate with forever/your teenage years or your experiences with body image. I will decide for certain once I get properly going with putting the zine together but in the meantime submissions on those topics are both welcome anyway. 


You can purchase all the past issues on Etsy. 



(palo alto)

(me in portugal last year)

(issue 4)

(laura on the beach this week)


  1. so so SO pumped to see these zines when they come out!
    bella xx

  2. lovveee all the pictures of Morrissey!! I know this is quite a stupid question but what exactly is a zine?

    1. i lovveee morrissey!! it's like a magazine (can be handmade or online) and it's usually independent and small circulation :)


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