Friday, 26 June 2015

hot fun in the summertime

My first week of summer has been pretty busy. After my last exam I caught the bus to Brighton with a friend, spent the next day chilling out in the park, went to Savage Beauty with Antonio, met Ellie for the first time and saw McQueen the play. I've been trying to take my camera, book and journal everywhere I go this summer, so here are some of the photos I've taken from this week.

Above is the outfit I wore when I went to Brighton last Thursday. The jacket, culottes, shoes and socks are from Topshop, the top is thrifted and the sunglasses are River Island. The necklace was made by a friend. I bought a candy necklace to mourn my childhood because I had officially finished school forever. I haven't eaten it yet. It's still hanging with the rest of my necklaces.

Brighton is one of my favourite places ever. It is the most liberal city in England, has a beach, quaint shops, a wonderful pier and is the setting for Brighton Rock. What's not to love? I discovered that it is really cheap to get the bus there from where I live (last summer I got the train) so I shall try to go more often.

These photos are from Thursday, when we went to Brighton. It was so hot so we just sat on the beach and read and listened to music. We made a list of the best things to do in Brighton (see below) so that we wouldn't waste the afternoon. We decided to go on the "Wild River" ride because there aren't many days in England where it's warm enough to go on a water ride I read Lorde's interview with Dazed magazine on the beach and it made me sad that I can't just lie in the ocean this summer like she can living in New Zealand. It was really interesting though and I loved the cover, but the photos inside were mixed. Lorde is so intelligent. I sometimes forget because her songs put into to words how I feel about teenage life before I even realised that that was exactly how I felt about it. Lyrics like, "cola with a burnt out taste, I'm the one you tell your fears to" and "that slow burn wait while it gets dark, bruising the sun I feel grown up with you in your car" sound simple but they are so accurate. She also has a great business brain, having written the whole score for the Hunger Games. Just, UGH. .

Lately I've felt overwhelmed by the pressing inevitability of growing up. The future is moving faster and faster before my eyes. I went to my school's leavers' breakfast this morning and now I don't have to go back to school again until results' day. This is my last school summer holiday, and I constantly feel as though I should be making more out of it. It's the typical thing where you're sitting in your room and being angsty and emo whilst you watch from your window as the sun shines and couples walk past arm in arm. I spend all year longing for summer and then it comes and it's just like any other holiday only a bit warmer. Last Friday I didn't feel this way though. It was the very start of the summer and I lay in the grass feeling like the sky; so vast and free and limitless. I want to feel like that again.

On Sunday, after seeing Savage Beauty, I finally got to meet Ellie from Rose and Vintage, having read her blog for 2 years. She was so lovely and cool and funny. We met in the V&A then walked to Hyde Park to climb trees, which was really fun until we realised that there were huge bug nests in the tree we were climbing. I STILL feel sick thinking about it. The sound of someone playing bongos merged with the concert music from the other side of the river. We danced underneath a willow tree and it was the perfect way to spend the summer solstice.

On Monday night I watched the "Free the Nipple" film. It was really interesting and it showed that there is still so much to fight for; especially in America. The free the nipple movement itself can seem trivial up against other problems and the film itself wasn't particularly intersectional. However, it did highlight why being able to show our bodies and take pride in them is important. It would allow us to own their own bodies; not having the media tell us they're dirty and wrong only to sexualise them and sell them back to us. I'm writing an article on this for the next issue of Pretty.

Anyway, I hope you all have had a good week! 


  1. just found your blog and I'm in love!! this whole post is so summery and makes me want to do something other than sit around all day and watch oitnb and suits. I also love the way you photograph, it's so clean and visually appealing.

    1. thank you! don't worry, i've spent plenty of days just sitting around watching oitnb :')

  2. You had some cool adventures 4 sure! I took a walk in the forest today and it was the best. I love being around all the trees. They are all my bros.

    1. that sounds so good. i love going on walks and being surrounded by trees so much x

  3. all your photos are so beautiful! I am so grateful for lorde - she is the perfect hybrid of intelligence and badass x


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