Monday, 29 June 2015

tennessee why did you write?

One of my new year's resolutions was to journal more and these past few months I have finally dedicated time to it. My journals have become less disjointed and the images relate to the entries more. This summer I plan on sorting through all my magazines- a mammoth task because I probably have at least 300- and cutting out more images to journal with. During study leave I often stayed up too late journalling to try and de-stress. I found the destruction of cutting up magazines I have so carefully preserved in pristine condition for so long oddly calming. In a way it felt empowering to cut up some of my issues of Vogue with their lack of representation and their beauty and diet tips. I love Vogue but some issues are much better than others. Some of these collages are simply aesthetic because I like looking at pretty things. Others are specifically related to moments in my life. For example, I made the one with the Freaks and Geeks screencaps and Petra Collins' photographs the day after I had my last proper day at school. I love the permanence of journalling; it crystallises romantic moments forever. I plan on documenting as much as possible this summer because it is my last summer of forever


  1. your journal is super cool. i admire that you're creative enough to depict your life through collages in this way. i certainly don't have that kind of creativity haha. you've got a gift here(:

  2. Your journal is amazing, these are beautiful! I especially like the pink collage

    x inés

  3. your journal is awesome! I agree - butchering magazines is such a great way to let off steam. vogue does seem superficial a lot of the time, I used to be an avid reader but now I find even the covers seem generic x

    1. thank you! i think vogue's content is very unreliable and the covers are nearly always so generic. it's sad because it's such a prestigious magazine and i'd still love to work there, but i think it's only worth getting in september and march (though i've bought every issue since november 2010, but the only reason i've kept getting it is because i don't want a gap in my collection!) x


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