Monday, 6 July 2015

still sane

Yesterday I began the day with a dye war and and ended it in a mosh pit. It was the busiest day of my summer so far as I did Run or Dye in the morning, before rushing up to London for the Cherry Picnic and seeing The Jesus and Mary Chain at the Roundhouse in the evening. Unfortunately, I haven't got any photos because I only got my phone back today and couldn't take my camera to the concert. I spent today recovering because it turns out that I've become incapable of doing much other than lying in the sun and reading and slowly morphing into a bookish cat. I wore something comfy and tried to channel the off-duty Rihanna athleisure look. The hot weather we've been experiencing recently has left me in a rut about what to wear each day, but I'm slowly adapting.

Sunglasses- Claire's
Necklace- Primark
T-shirt- Fashion's Night Out 2011
Skirt- American Apparel
Shoes- River Island

Run or Dye was fun, despite the torrential rain that was unrelenting until we finished the run. The rain sort of added to the excited atmosphere. It did get cold once we were standing still though. After showering and having lunch at home I got the train up to London. I met lots of lovely people at the Cherry picnic and we talked about bands and fashion and plans for Cherry going into print. Everyone was making friendship bracelets when we arrived but I declined the offer to join because we would have been there all night waiting for me to finish making one. I wish I could do them, but I find it so fiddly and it reminds me of the stress of scooby doos in primary school. We had cherries and listened to Cherry Glazerr too so it was all very thematic. After a couple of hours hanging out, Eleanor and I left to go to Camden where we got pancakes and wine for dinner (#lads #amiright) before going to the Roundhouse. The Jesus and Mary Chain were phenomenal. The atmosphere was buzzing and (I hate to sound like a music snob but) it was so great to hear good music after having endured the music at leavers ball and Run or Dye. It was so authentic and vibey. We were pleasantly surprised to find that they were going to play songs not on 'Psychocandy' so we got to see 'April Skies', 'Psychocandy', 'Nine Million Rainy Days', 'Coast to Coast' and 'Some Candy Talking' before they played 'Just Like Honey' followed by the rest of 'Psychocandy.' I swear I screamed when they played my fav songs of theirs and I got to mosh to the repeated lyrics "I wanna die" so I have now lived the indie goth teen dream. Overall, it totally renewed my love for '80s bands and the JAMC in particular.

The look that today's outfit was inspired by

I finished reading 'Emma' today and started 'White Teeth' by Zadie Smith. 'Emma' changed my entire perspective on Jane Austen because I was underwhelmed when I read 'Pride and Prejudice' but 'Emma' is now one of my favourite books ever. 'White Teeth' is great so far too. Tomorrow I'm going shopping for fabrics to make my own tops and culottes, which will be interesting given my very limited experience with sewing machines. I'll probably post the results on here.

Have a good week!

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