Tuesday, 21 July 2015

the sky was made of amethyst

Today I passed my driving test! I'm so pleased that I can now cruise through town in my heart-shaped sunglasses playing music too loud. I wore this outfit last week. The dress is from Topshop and the shoes are Doc Martens. I don't usually buy clothes this colour because in the winter it exacerbates the paleness of my skin and being pale only works when wearing all black and rocking the ice queen goth look. However, my skin's tanned from the recent hot weather and I really like the prettiness of this dress. It begs to be worn with Doc Martens to toughen it up though. I styled this outfit with grunge and '90s Courtney Love in mind, hence the title of this post being the opening lyric from Hole's "Live Through This."

I'm not a Kardashian fan at all, but I really love Kim's shoot for Vogue Spain. It seems so honest and different to how she is usually presented. There will probably be a lot of mixed comments about it, some of them sexist, some of them just anti-Kardashian, but I think it is the best shoot Kim has done by a mile. The photographer, Theo Wenner shot Lana Del Rey for Rolling Stone last year. A lot of his photos are quite candid, like the ones of Kim, but there are also some more commercial fashion ones. He did a shoot for i-D's Pre-Spring 2015 issue that I love (see below.)

Have a golden week xoxo


  1. Your driving dreams are the same as mine (down to the heart-shaped sunglasses). I love love that dress (and it's funny because the moment I saw it I thought of Courtney) and the shoots you showed.



  2. I think the photoshoots have more to do with the PR people and the photographers than the actual subject of the photographs, but I have to agree that I love the Kardashian shoot. Also, the photographer is amazing (as in, goals for how I want to take my pictures)!
    I love your Doc Martens; I can't believe I still haven't gotten a pair.

    On a Saturday

    1. I agree, but it's still nice to see a different side of Kim, even though it is largely controlled by other people around her. Thank you. You should definitely get some; they're so versatile.

  3. THAT'S SO COOL YOU PASSED YOUR DRIVING TEST!!! CONGRATULATIONS! I agree with what you said about the kardashian shoot!!! so honest and real and human. also that dress is so pretty I want it


  4. I love those Kim K pics, whatever people say about her she is a natural beauty! congrats on your driving test also! That dress is amazing too and thats saying something because I dont normally like colours like that xx



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