Tuesday, 14 July 2015

viktor & rolf make art

In the world of haute couture, it is a strongly held belief of mine that fashion should come to resemble art, because, unlike the ready-to-wear and resort collections, they are not made to sell, but to show their audience what the brand is capable of when given the time to hand craft pieces in intricate detail. In challenge to the satiated debate of fashion's place in the art world (made all the more topical by "Savage Beauty" at the V&A), Viktor & Rolf made clothes that serve the dual purpose of adorning the body and decorating the wall. Their Fall 2015 couture collection seemed to fly in the faces of art snobs who believe that fashion is too functional to be considered art. Many a time I have joked that if I could buy a luxury high fashion garment I would frame it, and last week Viktor & Rolf showed that this is not an entirely insensible idea. Their pieces looked just as elegant hanging from a wall as they did hanging from the frame of a model; if not more so simply because in front of a white wall they were instantly elevated to the position of art. This is the kind of innovation that I live for; the creativity that reminds me why I have loved fashion for so long and why I never tire of writing about it.

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