Wednesday, 12 August 2015

girl gangs and gladioli

Pretty's 7th issue, Forever and Feminism is out, if you want to check out here. The 8th issue's theme is Girl Gangs and Gladioli and I'm now accepting submissions for that issue. This post is like a moodpboard for that theme so hopefully it fill ~ get them creative juices flooooowing ~ or something. The theme can be interpreted however you want but here are some ideas to get you started:

Girl gangs in films, girl gangs on TV, girl bands, friendship, creative collaborations, when girl gangs clash, female bonding, solidarity and division within the feminist movement, pink ladies, rivalry, Powderpuff Girls and all other groups of bad ass girls and women coming together to make and do cool stuff

The Smiths and Morrissey, swords, gladiators, strength of character, standing up for your beliefs, calling people out, moral integrity, staying true to you, infatuation, crushes, faithfulness, sincerity and "give me a break" (the many meanings of gladioli) 

Every kind of submission is welcome: articles, short stories, poetry, photography, drawings, collages. Unfortunately, as the zine is printed on paper I can't include video submissions. Due date is 31st August. Send all submissions to

1&3. Michal Pudelka for AnOther Magazine, 2&8. Morrissey, 4. Abbey Lee Kershaw in Numero magazine, 5. T Magazine, 6. Willow Smith in i-D, 7. Vogue, 9. You're My Pop Queen by Petra for Rookie, 10. Amandla Stenberg in Dazed, 11. Alexander Wang Fall 2015, 12. Frida Kahlo, 13. Warpaint in i-D, 14. Emma Watson in British Vogue, 15. Kiernan Shipka, Amandla Stenberg and Tavi Gevinson

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  1. okay I am determined to get something into this next issue!!!!!! I keep getting too busy (ie. trying 2 catch up on mad men and futurama episodes this summer) BUT LADY I AM COMING FOR YOU.

    (っ♥︎◡♥︎)っ sonjatitanic


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