Friday, 14 August 2015

happy when it rains

Earrings- Miss Selfridge, coat- Topshop, dress- thrifted, Doc Martens

The weather's really arduous to dress for at the moment because it's humid but rain threatens to pour every time you step outside. Though it's still hot enough to wear a sun dress, a light raincoat essential. Happy summertime England! I've spent most of my life looking for a raincoat that isn't a frumpy D of E memory evoking atrocity. With this gold coat from the Topshop sale I think I have finally distanced myself from the uniform navy pac a macs that I was forced into for school trips at primary school. Clear raincoats have the extra perk of being able to reveal the outfit underneath. Having to cover up a bomb ass outfit with a heavy coat is always tragic. The transparency of this coat can make it a challenge to style, but it's fun, not a chore. Though I was initially in search of a plain clear coat I fell in love with this one because gold is my favourite colour this season. I'm glad I chose it because it adds sparkle to every look and leave glitter on my skin and clothes when I take it off, which is a perfect way to be cheered up on a grey rainy day. I'd still rather use an umbrella than put up the hood. I have yet to find a coat with a fur-free hood that doesn't make my head look like some kind of egg-goblin hybrid. 


  1. I've been looking for a cute raincoat like that for some time :)


  2. I've been looking for a similar raincoat for a while now, this one looks perfect ! Although it usually doesn't rain that much here it also means that I have zero equipment (apart from an umbrella of course) to face storms when they happen.
    But anyway, your outfit looks amazing !

    xx, Charlie

  3. I have this raincoat but with the primary colour detailing!!!! We are such coat twins!
    Love this outfit.

    (っ♥︎◡♥︎)っ sonjatitanic

  4. Love this raincoat, so much fun to wear on a wet & grey day!


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