Thursday, 13 August 2015


Keffalonia was beautiful. It already feels like a distant memory. I stayed there with my family for a fortnight; most of which I spent reading and eating Greek salad. However, I also got to see a lot of the island. We went on a boat trip during which we visited Keffalonia's oldest town. The Venetian architecture remained intact as it was the only place not damaged by the 1953 earthquake. We were also able to visit some Roman ruins. We stood at the top of a hill, looking at the ruins whilst a storm brewed around us. Everything seemed heavy and desolate as the clouds grew gradually more ominous. The storms witnessed were amazing. They lit up the whole sky with purple and were so powerful that a belief in Greek gods would not seem incongruous when caught in the midst of one. We also hired a speedboat to see the island more independently, which led to me trying to reenact Rihanna on her yacht in the BBHMM video, only I ended up not looking so elegant because the sea was rough and the wind made my hair fly in my face. The sea was magnificently turquoise and clear. It was the most gorgeous part of the island. Here are some more photos from the trip:

1. In the sea, 2. When I wasn't eating Greek salad I was eating halloumi 3. Me when I invite you round for coffee, 4. The views were breathtaking, 5. There were so many cute cafes

Although this town wasn't damaged by Keffalonia's largest earthquake, it was affected by the earthquake of January last year. In the photo above I'm stood outside the Roman museum that received the bulk of the damage. Standing on the steps looking at my phone matches the desolate, stormy vibe. I have a growing fondness for new nowhere places. Growing up in the middle of suburbia has forced me to take an interest in such destinations, even if only from an aesthetic point of view. Overall, the day was mixed with boredom and adventure. After we left this town I jumped off the top of the boat, swam to the beach and looked at fish swimming under the water. The photo below really captures what the sea surrounding the island was like.

The storms really were spectacular. They reminded me that I love the versatility of a mixed climate. Although I sometimes complain about the frequency of English rain, I like how definite the seasons are here. That said, the storms in Keffalonia were something else. We stood out on the balcony for an hour trying to get the right photograph of lightning. I managed to finally get it on video (see below.)

I hope you're having a good summer! Have you been on holiday? Where did you go? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Every picture I have seen of Greece looks gorgeous, I would love to go to this island one day. I don't know if it's the history speaking through the old stones but there seem to be something truly magical there.
    I have been on holiday in Normandy, in the north of France in July (I live in the south) not really anything new since most of my family lives there and we went to visit them but it was nice nonetheless, especially since I hadn't been in years ! I hope next time my holiday destination will be a little more foreign !

    xx, Charlie

  2. These pictures are so dreamy and definitely make me want to go there. xx

  3. OMG I have literally just been to Keffalonia with my family,it was the most amazing place I have ever visited! Also, I sat at that cafe, in fact I'm pretty sure I sat in exactly the seat that picture is taken from! Fiskardo was our favourite place in the area. xx


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